The Introduction

So, I promised you a proper introduction and here it is! I’ll probably set up a Q&A post when I get the traffic going a little more, but for now this will have to do 🙂

I currently go by the name of Arathin, a name I once decided to use for a LARP character. The LARP never came to pass but the name stuck. I’m not going to tell you my age, asking a lady that isn’t very polite 😉 At the moment I’m a part time student with French as my subject, but I also have a Master’s Degree in Aesthetics. Kind of funky, huh? ^^
I’m a bit strange, to be honest. I never quite do what others expect of me and can be really morbid when my mood is right.

Being an artist as well as a philosopher at heart I enjoy embarking on all sorts of creative projects. Hence the whole modelling thing I’m into. Creating a fantastic looking photoshoot with other people is one of my main joys in life, it gives me the opportunity to make art in new ways. Also I get to wear really lovely clothes and things ^^ My favourite themes range from fairytale to fetish, practically everything in the whole alternative spectrum 🙂

Favourite things? Oh I can make i list several miles long! But to keep it short, my top ten things are: Corsets, latex, high heels, Lovecraft, tea, Discworld, Chinese art, all things creative, forensic science and astrophysics.

There, I do hope you’ll like this one and that you will keep coming back to read about my adventures and whatnots. Pretty pictures are guranteed!

And to start off, here’s one from last fall. Photo & edit by lovely Josefine Jönsson, latex by Maebelle Latex.

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