Blog Award

Remember that I told you I had recieved an Award? Well, the Award was passed on to me by the sweet Linnea-Maria who apparently has been following me for quite some time 🙂 Being an attention junkie (yes, I freely admit that), I got really flattered by this – and don’t get flattered very easily.

The rules of the Award says that I should tell 7 random things about myself and then pass the Award on to 15 other blogs.

First things first, here are the 7 random thing:

1) I still sleep with a stuffed animal, an old grey dog by the name of Idefix. But only when my Honey isn’t with me, of course 😉
2) I’ve got a chronic skin condition that leaves it red, dry and itching. It’s Hell during winter but quite manageable during the summer
3) I love food and cooking! I do most of the cooking at home and love to try new things and spices
4) If I hadn’t gotten into philosophy & aestethetics I would probably have studied astrophysics or theoretical physics
5) I’m a huge geek and if I see something geeky (or shiny, or pretty) I squeek. Really, I do ^^
6) Learning about other places and their cultural history is something I love to do. China is one of my favourites and I currently got to see a local exhibition with the artist Ai Weiwei
7) I used to to a lot of roleplaying and attending LARP’s, mostly Vampire: the Masquerade but also Call of Cthulhu. I kind of miss those moments.

There, list done! Now it’s time for the blogroll. Most of the blogs I follow belong to friends and co-workers, or highly inspirational creative darlings, so I’ll just drop a few names and let you have a look ^^

Mashiara (the blog of my Honey)
Imperial Fiddlesticks blog
Josefine Jönsson blog
Circus of Lamia
Tifa de Leone

Most of these are in swedish, but a few are in english or both. Anyway, practically all of them contain pretty pictures and/or geekiness, so enjoy! ^^


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