Beauty Thing

I know I don’t have perfectly chiseled features, or those gorgeous looks that many of the other models have (Alternative and otherwise). But why should I let that deter me from doing what I love?

I enjoy showing off myself in latex, corsets, fantasy or retro wear and high heels. And you know what? I feel beautiful doing it šŸ™‚ I may have some troublesome areas and parts of my body that I don’t like, but I’m learning to work with them instead of against them. And I also know that if I feel comfortable in what I do, then the end result will be good too.

So screw everyone who tries to tell you you’re not beautiful enough for something! Beauty may lie in the eye of the beholder, but it all starts within yourself.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Thing

  1. I love that choker and your corset. I think it’s wonderful that you put yourself out there and you aren’t afraid to be different. You’re beautiful. I think your make a splendid model. ā¤

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