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School is nearly over, only one lecture left to endure and then there’s just the endless waiting to finding out the final grades. It’s been a tough semester and it hasn’t really left much room to be creative. So I’m hoping for a change this summer with lots of tea, cookies and creative adventures. So far so good, I already have a couple of shoots planned with both Natalie G Sundling and Josefine Jönsson, for Maebelle Latex, Viola Lahger and Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium. With some luck, I’ll be able to squeeze in something more with someone new ^^

Until then I’ll be planning outfits, looking for locations and waiting for pictures from TzR. Remember we had a shoot in April? I’m sooo curious to see the finished result! I really must plan new shoots with him, and that calls for a trip down to Gothenburg 🙂 I do need a vacation from Stockholm and since my Honey lives in Gothenburg, well… 😉

Fun news though, I’ve got a feature on the Swedish blog 🙂 I got to rant on a bit about fetish and philosophy, loved it! ❤ The interview is in Swedish, but there are some pretty pictures to look at.

Here’s one of them, taken by Natalie G Sundling.

The Goth Girl Cometh

So, after a little break from shoot posts with everyday stuff and rants I think it’s about time to start things up again. I still have a couple of more shoots to show you before it’s time to move on to the really old ones.

This photoshoot is from last fall, again with photographer Capsicon. The theme we had in mind was a sort of “wicked witch of the west”/goth girl-thing and Gamla Stan (Old Town) fit it very well. I was also lucky enough to borrow a beautiful necklace from This Has A Story/Viola Lahger, one that I also used in a complete product shoot together with some other necklaces. But those pictures will be posted later.

Anyway, here’s the full set of “The Goth Girl Cometh” 🙂

Corset Rant

I feel a rant coming on…

I am a huge corset lover. I own some, have been laced into several, design and plan ideas for new ones and have written essays about them. Not to mention the fact that I have spent a serious amount of my free time in a corset shop. I guess you can call me a bit of a corset geek. That’s why I cringe every time I hear someone say they want a proper well-made corset for say… 50 €. No, I’m not lying, I have actually heard people say that – not to mention all the times I’ve seen it written on blogs or in forums.

There are plenty of corset shops out there, both physical ones and online. Several are absolutely awesome with a good sense of how it should be done (Viola Lahger, Bizarre Design & Revanche de la Femme, to mention a few), but way too many are on the other end of the scale. And it’s these places that in my mind help spread the notion that if a corset costs more than 50 € (maybe 100 €, depending on the style) it’s too expensive and therefor not worth it.

Excuse me? You said what now? I highly beg to differ. To put it bluntly, in the world of corsetry you get what you bloody well pay for! It’s not only about design and fancy fabrics, what you actually pay for is craftsmanship. Making a corset is not easy, there’s a whole lot more to it than just sowing pieces of fabric together with some boning. If the pattern isn’t constructed correctly, you don’t have squat. Period.
But I guess it’s like when people ask if you can sew latex, they just don’t bother to have a proper look at what it is they actually want. If you just want something that gives a bit of support but is still comfortable (that is, you can run through ice and snow with it on and it won’t be a problem), then it’s a corselette you want to get. If you want something that looks edgy, kinky or nice but doesn’t cost anything, then I suppose these cheap-ass things labeled “corsets” will work. But if you want something that shapes and forms your body, giving it a whole new outline, then you do need to pay for it.

What really pisses me off though, is when people tell a company their corsets are too expensive because they can buy three for the same price somewhere else. I’ve even seen it written as a comment to a newly opened webshop that sell more or less the same corsets as one of these places – and this new shop has prices that I feel are too cheap. That is just too wierd for me to even understand. If you want good quality then you will have to pay more, it’s that simple. Because what you get is an item that will do what it promises, it will fit your body the way it should while re-shaping it, and if you take proper care of it, it will last you a lifetime.

Unfortunately, I can’t decide what people should do with their money. But I can at least give my advice and try to lead them towards good quality and a better understanding of getting value for money.

Fetish Fair Fun

Wow, these past few days have really been like a mood rollercoaster. I didn’t get the summer job I had applied and been to an interview for, which really brought me down. I couldn’t stop worrying about the future, which in itself didn’t really help much. But here’s the thing about me, I more or less need to break down before I can pick myself up and go forward.

And that’s what I’ve done. I’m now planning for other things to do in case nothing happens on the day job front, and that helps me keep my spirits up. I won’t tell you everythings that’s on the list, but there will be a couple of fun photoshoots to enjoy ^^ I’ve got a few ideas that need to be realized and this just might be their summer. And don’t forget I’m still planning the details for one of my most epic shoots ever!

Also, I paid a visit to Stockholm Fetish Fair that was on Saturday. It’s an annual event alongside Stockholm Fetish Weekend, that contains different parties and workshops. I relly liked the fact that there were shows, seminars and workshops during the Fair, but I was a little disappointed at the vendor’s section. There were a few designers and boutiques that I missed and that I thought was going to be there but weren’t.
But even so, I did not come away emptyhanded. After a while something caught my eyes, I tried it on and it fit perfectly! What did, you say? A gorgeous looking skirt in purple semi-transparent latex, with frills and a black contrast trimming ❤

Here’s a crappy snap shot of it:

I really need to get myself a new party camera… And I need to plan a new fun photoshoot with this darling! ^^

Creative Chaos

I really should be writing on my final exam, but posting pictures and writing blog entries is way more fun :3 It’s currently the closest thing I come to being creative and I plan to indulge in it until I can start booking shoots again. Oh yes, and there’s the anniversary project I’m working on for my boyfriend but I can’t show that.

At this very moment I’m feeling incredibly bored and all I really want is go back to bed. But things have to be written down to minimize the final stress of it all. I’m keeping my eyes on the “end of semester”-prize I’m planning for myself. Yeah, I know, I probably should be saving all my money in case I don’t get the job I want, but after this student Hell I’ve been through, I feel I need something to reward myself with. I’m not sure what it should be yet though, it depends on what I find at the Fetish Fair on Saturday. But it will work itself out.

I’ll post a new full set of an old shoot a little later, but here’s an everyday pic of me from today. I’m actually wearing white, a very rare sight when it comes to me 😛

Sorry for the crappy quality, but that’s what you get with a small digital camera 😛

Lady By The Fountain

I’m longing for summer at the moment, so it seems only fitting that I post the full set of a lovely shoot I had last July. It was my first shoot with the awesome photographer Josefine Jönsson, and we had planned for something a bit statue-like with  a proper fountain in the background. Well, we didn’t get the fountain we originally wanted but the end result turned out really beautiful anyhow and I hope I get to do a new take on the theme someday 🙂

So, here it is! Photo & edit by Josefine Jönsson and corset by Viola Lahger.

Punk Rock Girl

Keeping up with my promise of publishing more full sets of my shoots, I’ve now come to a photoshoot I did last summer. This was my second shoot with photographer Rikard E and I had an idea containing attitude and a punk rock feel to it. Also I wanted to show off a pair of boots I had salvaged from a friend of mine ^^

I won’t keep you wondering much more, here’s the result of that shoot!

Model Philosophy

I got into a small discussion with a friend yesterday about the whole “awareness while shooting with a co-model”-thing that I mentioned in “The Colour Shoot”-post. We ended up realizing that we both agree and mean the same thing (we just use different words to describe it all), but it still got me thinking that maybe I should write a post dedicated to my own philosophy regarding modelling and photoshoots.

For me, modelling is a way to get my creativity flowing. It’s an artistic outlet, basically. But I also see it as an aesthetic experience. I may be a bit damaged from all my studies regarding the aesthetic bodily experience, more specifically the synesthetic experience, but in my mind the application and connection between the two works quite well. After all, synesthesia is when two or more of one’s senses is working together, and when modelling you can’t help but keep your senses open to what’s going on with and around you. Well, I can’t help doing that 😛

To make it a bit easier for me to explain it all, I’ll take it sense by sense.

Sight: Use your eyes! Before a shoot I always try out poses in front of a mirror, just to see how it might look. During the shoot itself I make sure to know where the photographer is, so that I know where to look if I want to look straight into the camera – or where not to look if I want to appear more elusive and “I’m not aware of your presence”-like. Also, never forget that you portrait emotions and attitudes with your eyes. And if you have a co-model, you can always cast glances from the corner of your eyes to get a small idea of what they’re doing 😉

Hearing/Sound: Listen for the “click” of the camera as well as whatever directions the photographer (or even the stylist) is giving you. Even though you’ve done this for years and years, you probably will stumble on a photographer every now and then who has his/her own specific images in mind while shooting. And good communication is key to a good-looking end result. So never forget your ears.

Touch/Body awareness: You can’t escape from this one, with or without a co-model. Knowing your angles means body awareness. Where are your arms, hands, fingers, legs, shoulders, head, face, chest, stomach? Don’t just stick to the comfortable poses you regularly do, experiment! The weird and uncomfortable poses tend to make the best looking shots in my experience. And if you’ve got very fine and “airy” hair like me, that tends to fly in all directions in the slightest of winds, you might want to at least make an attempt to keep it in check 😉 The great thing about this one is that it co-exists with other senses, especially sight. And if you’re wearing a tight corset and/or latex you have it constantly touching and pressing on your skin and body – which is a whole experience in itself! The same goes for high heels since they change your entire posture. Your body is the best tool you can ever use in shoots, so make the most of it!

Taste/Smell: If there’s leather, latex, plants/flowers or food involved, these two senses are pretty much a dead giveaway – you can’t ignore them. Personally, I love the smell of latex and leather, it kind of gets me in the right mood while shooting with them ^^

Pleasure/Pain: Yes, these are sensory feelings that can be highly useful in a shoot! Fetish or social themes are, in my mind, the best ones for portraying these two. I don’t really need to exlain it more than that, now do I?

Okay, now this became more a list of advice, but for me, if I’m aware of all these things before and during shoot I feel that I learn more about myself and how I work. And that goes for every shoot that I make. I’m a strong believer in the aesthetic bodily experience and that it helps us grow and evolve into the people that we are. Everything I do, whether it’s cooking, walking in the park or shooting in a studio, is an aesthetic experience in itself – and that helps me learn more about myself while making me more creative.

In short, everything we do is art and modelling is just a part of it.

Oh dear, I do hope I made at least a little bit of sense now. If I’ve managed to complicate something, please, don’t hesitate to let me know so I can clarify it 🙂


The Colour Shoot

Last year I did my first photoshoot together with a co-model. I must say that even though it’s fun to interact with someone else in front of the camera, it can also be a hell of a lot more difficult. Not only do you need to know what you’re doing yourself, you also need to know what the other person is doing – and if you turn out to have completely different styles of posing, that can be quite a challenge!

Luckily, I modelled with one of my dear friends, Varga Frostnatt, who’s posing style I had seen before and therefore knew how to adapt to it. Because even though you really want to run your own race, in co-shoots you have to work with each other – which means adapting to one another. At least, that’s my philosophy on it all.

We didn’t have a proper theme for this shoot, there was just supposed to be a lot of colours with me being the dark accent 😛 With this shoot too I got plenty of finished pics back, so I will only post my personal favourites.

Photo & edit: Rikard E.

Circus Dress

I love it when I receive a message that I have something to pick up at the post office. I especially love it when it’s something that I’ve been waiting for and that I really want.

Today was no exception ^^ As soon as I got the “You’ve got a package waiting”-message, I half ran down to the post office and half ran home to try on the prettyness inside.

It fits perfectly and it’s sooo comfortable! Thank you Odium Clothing for selling this ❤

Now all I need is a matching hat and I can start planning a fun shoot! 🙂