The Colour Shoot

Last year I did my first photoshoot together with a co-model. I must say that even though it’s fun to interact with someone else in front of the camera, it can also be a hell of a lot more difficult. Not only do you need to know what you’re doing yourself, you also need to know what the other person is doing – and if you turn out to have completely different styles of posing, that can be quite a challenge!

Luckily, I modelled with one of my dear friends, Varga Frostnatt, who’s posing style I had seen before and therefore knew how to adapt to it. Because even though you really want to run your own race, in co-shoots you have to work with each other – which means adapting to one another. At least, that’s my philosophy on it all.

We didn’t have a proper theme for this shoot, there was just supposed to be a lot of colours with me being the dark accent 😛 With this shoot too I got plenty of finished pics back, so I will only post my personal favourites.

Photo & edit: Rikard E.


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