Creative Chaos

I really should be writing on my final exam, but posting pictures and writing blog entries is way more fun :3 It’s currently the closest thing I come to being creative and I plan to indulge in it until I can start booking shoots again. Oh yes, and there’s the anniversary project I’m working on for my boyfriend but I can’t show that.

At this very moment I’m feeling incredibly bored and all I really want is go back to bed. But things have to be written down to minimize the final stress of it all. I’m keeping my eyes on the “end of semester”-prize I’m planning for myself. Yeah, I know, I probably should be saving all my money in case I don’t get the job I want, but after this student Hell I’ve been through, I feel I need something to reward myself with. I’m not sure what it should be yet though, it depends on what I find at the Fetish Fair on Saturday. But it will work itself out.

I’ll post a new full set of an old shoot a little later, but here’s an everyday pic of me from today. I’m actually wearing white, a very rare sight when it comes to me šŸ˜›

Sorry for the crappy quality, but that’s what you get with a small digital camera šŸ˜›


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