Fetish Fair Fun

Wow, these past few days have really been like a mood rollercoaster. I didn’t get the summer job I had applied and been to an interview for, which really brought me down. I couldn’t stop worrying about the future, which in itself didn’t really help much. But here’s the thing about me, I more or less need to break down before I can pick myself up and go forward.

And that’s what I’ve done. I’m now planning for other things to do in case nothing happens on the day job front, and that helps me keep my spirits up. I won’t tell you everythings that’s on the list, but there will be a couple of fun photoshoots to enjoy ^^ I’ve got a few ideas that need to be realized and this just might be their summer. And don’t forget I’m still planning the details for one of my most epic shoots ever!

Also, I paid a visit to Stockholm Fetish Fair that was on Saturday. It’s an annual event alongside Stockholm Fetish Weekend, that contains different parties and workshops. I relly liked the fact that there were shows, seminars and workshops during the Fair, but I was a little disappointed at the vendor’s section. There were a few designers and boutiques that I missed and that I thought was going to be there but weren’t.
But even so, I did not come away emptyhanded. After a while something caught my eyes, I tried it on and it fit perfectly! What did, you say? A gorgeous looking skirt in purple semi-transparent latex, with frills and a black contrast trimming ❤

Here’s a crappy snap shot of it:

I really need to get myself a new party camera… And I need to plan a new fun photoshoot with this darling! ^^


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