Taking my time today to prepare a bit for my photoshoot on Thursday. Normally I do all this stuff the day before, but tomorrow I’m picking up my honey Mashi at the train station and so there probably won’t be much time for it. The outfit is done and I’ve decided on a hair style, all I need to do is get my nails done and try a makeup idea I’d like to use. Tomorrow, all I have left is pack everything I need to bring and set the alarm clock for Early as Hell 😛

I don’t mind getting up early for this though. In the morning it’s going to be completely empty with people where we’re going to shoot so that will be really nice 🙂

I’m also preparing a bit for the photoshoot I’m having this weekend. I’ve got tons of stuff from Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium to shoot with Josefine Jönsson, and I’m trying to figure out what kind of outfits will suit everything. Not too simple, but not too elaborate, and something that fits several headdresses to show versatility… I’ve got an idea but I think I need to work on it a little bit more.

It can be a lot of work being creative, but luckily it’s always worth it 🙂

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