One Lovely Blog Award

I admit it, I love when I get attention – especially when it’s of the good kind 😉 So imagine my happiness when I learned that the darling Asylum Attendant had given me  a Lovely Blog Award! ^^

And so, here are seven brand new facts about me:

1) I have coeliac disease, which means that I am allergic to gluten and therefor can’t eat everything that I want to.

2) I collect everything that is connected to H P Lovecraft and his literature. This includes squids ^^

3) I have something of an organisation fetish, I love it when things are in order and am known for re-organising my collection of books and movies several times before I’m satisfied.

4) I’m a complete tea addict and can drink several cups a day.

5) I collect cookbooks of all kinds.

6) I learned to read when I was 5 and since then I’ve had my nose stuck in a book.

7) First time I read through Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov, I finished it all in three days. I think I was about 15-16.


There, a few somewhat geeky facts about me 🙂 And now to pass the Award on! I give it to these people:

Mashi – A work in progress

Tallee Savage

Andrea, of Imperial Fiddlesticks

Shine of Fuchsia


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