Green Sheen Shoot – Part 2

Got a few more photos to show you from my green latex shoot with KT Twisted Photography 🙂 I’m currently waiting for another set of pics from her (non-shiny ones!) and I’m really curious to see how they will turn out. I know there hasn’t been much shooting for a while now, but due to a lot of stress I have had a hard time feeling creative. But soon I’m getting new things and I’m trying to engage photographers in new projects before the big law exam later in February. Fingers crossed!

But anyways, here’s the promised other half of the set ^^

Photo: KT Twisted Phtotography
Latex: Lady Lucie Latex
Jewellery: Sarah Burchill – Artisan of the Weird and Woundrous








On Latex Gloves

This past year, my fascination and love for latex has taken me down a new path. Well, actually it’s not really new because this was the very first latex item that I bought, had to sell and never thought I would ever wear again.

I’m talking about gloves, full-fingered latex gloves ❤ The first pair I ever bought were way too big for me, and back then (this was nearly 10 years ago) I didn’t have enough knowledge about the material and its sizing to know what I was doing wrong. It was also my first – and last – contact with talcum powder, something my skin can’t tolerate. Some time after that I found out about silicone oil and Vivishine and I was all happy again ^^

But back to the gloves. It wasn’t until I started modelling for Maebelle Latex that I got to wear latex hand accessories in the form of mittens. I loved the feel these fingerless gloves gave and came to the conclusion that I needed a full-fingered pair.

After looking around I found a good starter pair: basic driver gloves by All You Need Is Gloves. They arrived last summer and I’ve never been happier ^^

IMG_5084 (C)small

Photo by Natalie G Sundling

Before Christmas I decided to treat myself with a new pair. And today they arrived! It’s not an official design, but when it was shown to me I completely fell in love. After an agonizing wait I finally got to pick them up at the post office today 🙂




My new babies ❤ I’ve got a couple of shoot ideas for them, so I can’t wait until I can start booking them ^^

Green Sheen Shoot – Part 1

It’s been a little while since I updated here, but I’ve been very busy with schoolwork lately. But now I’m officially done with the first semester in Archival Science and am about to start the second one 🙂

To celebrate I thought I’d share a bunch of photos from a shoot I did in December. Do you remember the behind-the-scenes shots of me wearing a green and red latex dress? Yes, that’s the one ^^ Here are the first six!

Photo & edit: KT Twisted Photography
Latex: Lady Lucie Latex
Jewellery: Sarah Burchill – Artisan of the Weird and Woundrous







2012 Chronicle

2013 is well under way and I’ve been busy like hell with Christmas, New Year’s and schoolwork. But I thought it would be fun to entertain you with a chronicle over my past year ^^

I started on a new adventure called “Studies in French” at University. It was the first time I properly touched the language since high school and, boy, did it show… But I also had some fun with a wintery shoot with my friend Josefine Jönsson.



Not the brightest month, I think. Lots of schoolwork to do, plus due to outer forces my honey wasn’t able to join me for Valentine’s Day. But I did start up this blog and had a great shoot with Josefine Jönsson, featuring my favourite top hat from Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium 🙂

This month I went to see an exhibition of Ai Weiwei, my favourite Chinese artist. I also had my first shoot with photographer Natalie G Sundling 🙂

9847 (f)_edit
The month of my birthday, even though I didn’t do much to celebrate it ^^ A new shoot with Natalie G Sundling was on the agenda, as was my very first shoot with photographer TzR. This was also the first time I met the makeup artist Colorfulmakeups and my co-model for a shoot, Starfucked. This time I got to shoot my favourite dress from Maebelle Latex ❤


All the intense studying really took its toll on me so I decided to take break and not do any new shoots until the end of the spring semester. However, I had my first interview published online at the Swedish blog Skofetischist. I got to geek out a bit about philosophy and fetish fashion, which I always love ^^


After a break I finally got the energy back to do shoots again and it couldn’t have started off in a better way. For a long time I’ve wanted to to a photoshoot project with some of my old LARP/roleplaying characters, and after contacting photographer KT Twisted Photography I got my chance 🙂 It all turned out really well and I now only hope to continue on with the project ^^




Summertime and I had two great shoots, one with a new photographer. She’s Mynumberis911 and we did a shoot featuring a new custom dress from Maebelle Latex with an Asian feel. I also got to shoot a bunch of lovely merchandise for Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium.


Attended a teaparty to watch my dear friend Tea Time perform ❤ I also added a new tattoo on my left arm and had a photoshoot together with photographer Capsicon and co-model Kya Wolfwritten.


This month started off with a whole new adventure when I decided to start studying Archival Science! It was probably one of the best choices I made this whole year ^^ No photoshoots this month though, but it was still a good one.

Work, work, work… Got to do a couple of shoots though with both Natalie G Sundling and Josefine Jönsson. The one with Josefine I had been working on since the beginning of the year, a steampunk one, and it turned out so beautiful! I got a couple of designers on board to create custom stuff for me: Maebelle Latex, Viola Lahger and Miss Overdose.


Got stressed out like hell due to the massive amount of schoolwork that got piled up on me this month. Two major projects and home exams that was going to be presented and handed in within just a few weeks of each other can really drive one mad… But I did get my first interview in fIXE Magazine published 🙂


This month was my highlight, I think. I got my first proper publication with the steampunk shoot I did in October, in Kultur Mag 🙂 I also had a new shoot with KT Twisted Photography, which is always much fun, celebrated Christmas and New Year’s with my honey and got a bit overstuffed with candy and sugar ^^




There you have it, my 2012 🙂 Now I’m hoping that 2013 will be awesome with lots of new opportunities ❤