On Latex Gloves

This past year, my fascination and love for latex has taken me down a new path. Well, actually it’s not really new because this was the very first latex item that I bought, had to sell and never thought I would ever wear again.

I’m talking about gloves, full-fingered latex gloves ❤ The first pair I ever bought were way too big for me, and back then (this was nearly 10 years ago) I didn’t have enough knowledge about the material and its sizing to know what I was doing wrong. It was also my first – and last – contact with talcum powder, something my skin can’t tolerate. Some time after that I found out about silicone oil and Vivishine and I was all happy again ^^

But back to the gloves. It wasn’t until I started modelling for Maebelle Latex that I got to wear latex hand accessories in the form of mittens. I loved the feel these fingerless gloves gave and came to the conclusion that I needed a full-fingered pair.

After looking around I found a good starter pair: basic driver gloves by All You Need Is Gloves. They arrived last summer and I’ve never been happier ^^

IMG_5084 (C)small

Photo by Natalie G Sundling

Before Christmas I decided to treat myself with a new pair. And today they arrived! It’s not an official design, but when it was shown to me I completely fell in love. After an agonizing wait I finally got to pick them up at the post office today 🙂




My new babies ❤ I’ve got a couple of shoot ideas for them, so I can’t wait until I can start booking them ^^


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