New Corset Love

I took a break from studying this Sunday to drag my honey Mashiara to the local burlesque fair. I can’t really call it a flea market anymore, which is what it originally was, since there are so many designers and shops selling there now as well as private people.

There were soooo many people! It’s amazing to see how much it has grown in only a couple of years! And of course I found loads of things that I wanted :3 But I had set a budget so I couldn’t afford everything..

But I had called dibs on a corset a friend of mine was selling and that one took most of my money. It’s a beauty though so I can’t complain ^^
I also found a necklace consisting of a small glass flask filled with pieces of real gold, salvaged from old computers and cell phones. Now that’s steampunk!



Birthday & Photoshoot

So, last Friday was my birthday. I’m now officially 27 years old. I don’t feel very old though.. But I guess that will come crashing down on me eventually. Until then I’m going to be as weird and childish as I possibly can ^^

Anyway, it was a very nice birthday 🙂 I spent it with my family and we had a very nice dinner together. On Sunday the rest of them showed up to celebrate me and to give me all my presents ^^ I’m such a girl when it comes to presents, and I can never act my age 😛

I got some very nice things though so I can’t complain. My honey, Mashiara, gave me an experience – to go and blow glass 🙂 I love glass and glassblowing is a process that’s always fascinated me so it will be fun to see how it’s all done. I also got some new books – classics, Terry Pratchett and cookbooks – cake decorating kit from my sister, gift card for a pair of red leather gloves, a new apron, a gift card for afternoon tea, lots of money and tickets to go see the Swedish production of Sweeney Todd 😀

Happy girl is happy ^^

Tomorrow is my last shoot before I bury myself completely in my studies and I’m really looking forward to it. It seems we’re going to have some nice weather too, will be nice not to freeze while dressed in latex.

Anyways, I’ll end this post by showing you one of the things that I bakes for my birthday: white chocolate miniature cupcakes with a failed lemon curd frosting and a raspberry on top ❤


Birthday Coming Up!

Yes, indeed, tomorrow’s my birthday. I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last one, I don’t really feel older. But then again, I rarely feel like the exact age that I am 😛 So far I’m not feeling the effects of any age related crisis, I don’t really have time for it. Got waayy too much to do to even think about. Which is probably why I’m having a hard time feeling that I’m getting one year older tomorrow.

But hey, I never say no to something that gives me a reason to eat cake for three days 😉

So far I like birthdays. I like baking cakes, getting presents and birthday wishes ^^ It will be interesting though to see if it will change as I get older.

This weekend I’ll be a busy bee baking stuff in between paper writing, general studying and some other things. I’ve got a shoot next week, my last one before I hand in my paper. I need to focus on my studies, but I can treat myself to one fun thing per week. I aim to please myself.

But back to birthdays! I really do hope that I get one thing that I really want: theatre tickets to a musical I really really want to see. Money is not a bad thing either, then I can update my fetish wardrobe a bit ^^ And put some aside for a new fall coat, I really need one :3

I feel I have to end this post with a photo, so here’s one taken just before my birthday last year.

Oh and if you’re curious to know how old I’m turning.. The number is 27 ^^

Photo: TzR
Latex: Maebelle Latex
MUA: Colorfulmakeups


Photoshoot Adventure

Just got home from today’s photoshoot with the awesome KT Twisted Photography. We’ve been trying to schedule a shoot for nearly a month now, mostly due to illnesses, schoolwork and overall stress, and today we finally managed to get it done 🙂

We did two very different outfits: one dark and gothic and one light and shiny. I wish I could give you more details, but since I’m planning to send some pics away to magazines I don’t want to spoil the surprise 😉 But I can tell you that a couple of designers will be happy 😛

Anyway, I had a specific theme in mind for one of the outfits when I arrived at the studio. But as soon as I got it on I realised that it wouldn’t work. Or well, it probably would have but when we stood looking at my mirror image we both came to the conclusion that it didn’t need all the props I had brought. It was gorgeous the way it was.But that’s me in a nutshell, I always bring a lot more than I really use during shoots 😛

Two hours later and we were done! She was happy and I was happy. Everything looked so good in the camera so I don’t have any doubts that the finished result will be beautiful 🙂

And so to not leave you empty handed, here’s from the last time we played around with shiny things ^^


Future Plans & Doings

I know I’m not all that good at writing contiuously here, but there are a lot of things going on right now so bear with me.

I’m working on my final paper, due in the beginning of May. It’s not a long paper, but I’ve also got another course running at the same time, so I’m bringing out all my time managent skills. At least I’m writing down things and reading at the same time. It gives me headaches, but hey, hopefully it will be worth it 😉

Next week I’m celebrating my birthday. I’m still trying to work out what I want for birthday cakes (I always have two) and if I want to bake something else. So far I’ve decided on a yummie pavlova with lime curd and tasty fruits, some kind of chocolate cake and mini white chocolate cupcakes with a tasty frosting. I still have to decide on the frosting.

My honey is coming up to celebrate my birthday with me, and that makes me really happy 🙂 I haven’t seen him for way too long..

Also, I’ll be shooting with Natalie G Sundling and Colorfulmakeups again! An outdoor shoot with pretty shiny things, it’s going to be great!

Since I’m being very busy though, I’ve had to make the decision on cutting back on all my photoshoots. I’ve only got two booked (or well, I’m trying to reschedule one to happen very soon) until the beginning of May, and that’s probably how it’s going to end up. So to the designers waiting for me to shoot stuff for them, please be a little patient with me. I’ll get to everything as soon as I can, but I need to watch over my nerves so I don’t keel over from all the stress :/

I can’t tell you what we’re going to shoot, but I can give you a hint of what will be in one of them – my darling gloves from All You Need Is Gloves ❤


Easter Cupcakes

Sometimes, when I’m not studying or stand in front of a camera, I get creative in the kitchen. I’ve always loved to cook and bake and after I got diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I’ve been experimenting a little more with new recipes. I also want to eat tasty cakes, cookies and other sweet things, and if I make them myself I know what’s in them 🙂

We had some marzipan chickens left after me and my mother made an Easter cheesecake so I decided to put them to good use. The result: Easter cupcakes ^^

I used the same meringue based cupcake recipe that I always use, but this time something went wrong. Either I overbeat the egg whites or the oven was too hot, or all of the above, but instead of looking all puffed up and beautiful, the cupcakes acted like failed soufflés and collapsed. I’m a perfectionist so I hate it when that happens >_<

Luckily I had lots of frosting to cover up the mess 😛

The cupcakes themselves are flavoured with lemon and coconut (one of my favourites), and they’re covered with white chocolate frosting coloured green, fancy sprinkles and a few marzipan chicken ^^ And boy, were they delicious ❤