Easter Cupcakes

Sometimes, when I’m not studying or stand in front of a camera, I get creative in the kitchen. I’ve always loved to cook and bake and after I got diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I’ve been experimenting a little more with new recipes. I also want to eat tasty cakes, cookies and other sweet things, and if I make them myself I know what’s in them 🙂

We had some marzipan chickens left after me and my mother made an Easter cheesecake so I decided to put them to good use. The result: Easter cupcakes ^^

I used the same meringue based cupcake recipe that I always use, but this time something went wrong. Either I overbeat the egg whites or the oven was too hot, or all of the above, but instead of looking all puffed up and beautiful, the cupcakes acted like failed soufflés and collapsed. I’m a perfectionist so I hate it when that happens >_<

Luckily I had lots of frosting to cover up the mess 😛

The cupcakes themselves are flavoured with lemon and coconut (one of my favourites), and they’re covered with white chocolate frosting coloured green, fancy sprinkles and a few marzipan chicken ^^ And boy, were they delicious ❤



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