Springtime Latex Shoot

Last week I had this year’s first outdoor photoshoot involving latex. Me and photographer Natalie G Sundling had been planning to head out to a place called Drottningholm for a long time and finally the weather was on our side 🙂 We also had makup artist Colorfulmakeups in our team to create something really lovely. And I finally got to shoot the dress I had ordered from Naucler Design before they shut down! ^^

I love shooting with Natalie. We work so quickly together, she’s awesome to be around and the photos always turn out great!

Photo: Natalie G Sundling
MUA: Colorfulmakeups
Dress: Naucler Design
Gloves: All You Need Is Gloves

IMG_9229 (OSC) (kopia)

IMG_9283 (OSC) (kopia)

IMG_9318 (OSC) (kopia)

IMG_9324 (OSC) (kopia)

IMG_9332 (OSC) (kopia)


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