Weekend Break

I will be taking a little break from things this weekend. The reason is quite simple and not very dramatic: I’m going to be watching my father’s and his fiancé’s cats while they’re away on a trip 🙂 I’ve grown up around cats and used to have my own a few years back. I’ve missed having a cat around, but my current life situation won’t allow for it. So when I’m needed to watch over these darlings, I’m happy to oblige ^^

So therefor I’ve decided to make good use of this time away and not be online as much as I normally am. I will bring my laptop to keep track of school related news, but everything else will be kept to minimum.

Tomorrow I will attend the Stockholm Fetish Fair with a bunch of friends. Hopefully I will be able to find some latex accessories, and maybe even a nice pair of high heels. The Fetish Fair is part of the annual event called Stockholm Fetish Weekend. There will be lots of parties, workshops, lectures and such. I won’t go to any though, I’m missing my favourite companion, Mashiara.. But I’ll spend money on clothes instead 😛

I’m packed and ready to go. Now all that is left is to hand in my paper. If I try to tweak it any more I will go insane..

Anyway, here’s a nice pic to finish this post. Taken by Natalie G Sundling, with gloves from All You Need Is Gloves.

IMG_9324 (OSC) (kopia)


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