Weekend Resumé

So I’m back home with a working Internet again! It’s been completely gone these past few days so my intended break from everything really couldn’t be compromised with.

But it’s been nice to have some time off from things. I’ve been spending these days with two pretty cats, doing lots of crosswords and enjoying the company of other kinky people. This last thing was done on Thursday during the event Stockholm Fetish Fair. It’s a tradition for me to go to the fair and this year I went with a couple of friends to browse some latex and look at people.

I found way too much latex that I wanted, but everything was over my budget – or it was something that I had already decided to get custom made from somewhere else. I did get me a new bottle of Vivishine though ^^ Should be stocking up on Vividress but that will have to be solved later.

This year there was also a lot of different workshops and lectures going on. I attended one that seemed to me the most interesting, held by the awesome Mollena Williams and titled What the fuck kind of pervert are you?
In this she talked about the importance of finding your kinky core, the thing that defines why you are into the things you are into. Why you do what you do. She also stressed the importance of finding your own way in the kinky jungle, learning from your experiences and not letting anyone lable you, but lable yourself. But the key point in this – apart from knowing your core – was that you have to take charge of yourself, get what you want and always(!) look out for yourself. As a submissive your first responsibility is towards yourself.

I’ve read quite a few discussions on this theme in different forums, but no one has put it quite as clearly as Mollena. It made me remember parts of my own life and my journey to finding who I am, what I like and what I want. Going from uncertainty and depression to certainty and happiness has been somewhat of a rollercoaster, but I know my core and I have learned a lot during the years.
If you ever get a chance to listen to her talk, do it!

Hm, seems I could write an entire blog post about this.. Would that be of any interest to you guys?

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