Midsummer Weekend

Last Friday was Midsummer’s Eve. In case you didn’t know, here in Sweden we take Midsummer very seriously. It’s practically our unofficial national holiday, that’s how much we celebrate it. And there are some strict rules to it too.

First, we make a funky (somewhat phallic-) looking pole that looks like a weird cross with hoops hanging from it. This we dance around, like it was a Christmas tree, and play games. When we need a break, we sit down on our picnic blankets, eat something sugary and drink coffee or lemonade. We also make flower garlands and some girls also pick seven different kinds of flowers to put under their pillows, in the hopes of dreaming of the future lover.

In the evening we all sit down to eat lots of fish, new potatoes and strawberries while drinking lots and lots of alcohol.
Well, some do. In my family, we skip the alcohol and go straight for the cake!

Every year we make a sort of pavlova. This year it was a layered one with hazelnut meringue, filled and topped with whipped cream and strawberries.





Five minutes after this picture was taken it had been completely devoured. I need to make it again soon, it was really yummie ^^

There you have it, the Swedish Midsummer in a nutshell. Or strawberry 😛

Latex Shoot Preview

Last Sunday I had my first shoot for a couple of months, with a new photographer and some pretty latex 🙂 It was a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final result!

Until then, here are some sneak peeks for you ^^

Photographer is Belinda Bartzner – Photography and the latex is from Collective Chaos (skirt), Maebelle Latex (top) and All You Need Is Gloves (gloves, doh 😉 )



Skull Gloves & Magazine

I’ve acquired some new things these past few weeks. Both are shiny but made from different materials 😛

First off is the edition of Cat’s Meow Magazine where I have my feature. I had to have it to myself and finally I got around to order a copy.



The second thing that arrived was a new pair of latex gloves. From where? All You Need Is Gloves, of course ^^



Not the best pic, I know, but there are better ones to come! I had them during a shoot with Belinda Bartzner – Photography yesterday, and I’ve got some sneak peeks for you. But you’ll have to wait a little for them ^^

I’m still hard at work, but new shoots are being planned and booked, and I’m excited to be back in the game 🙂

Making Summer

It’s June, it’s summer and I’m trying to finish all my remaining school work before the weekend. It’s not that much work really, I’ve spent most of my time whining about things in my last home exam. Not whining about it, but whining IN it 😛 I’ve done it before, although to a lesser degree, but my teacher seemed to apporve of it then. So I’m hoping for lots of points this time ^^

I’ve also had my lovely honey Mashiara here this past week. We’ve celebrated our fifth anniversary (yes, we’ve been together for that long <3) and otherwise not done much but enjoy each other’s company. It’s been nice to have him here, but I’ll miss him like hell when he leaves..

Next week I’m finally starting my new job properly. I’ll be working full time so posts will be slow to arrive. But I have a few ideas for upcoming posts, mostly photo compilations, but I think you’ll enjoy them 🙂

I also have a few photoshoots planned for the summer. I won’t tell you exactly what they’ll be yet, but I promise they will be awesome 🙂 A bit of latex, a bit of corsetry, some colour and other fun things ^^ This is the nice thing about having a routine job, it makes me feel more creative and it gives me ideas for shoots and other projects. Because I am planning for other creative projects aside from modelling. I have to do something else to expand my horizons and these new ideas of mine will take me there.

But that’s for later, now it’s time for ice cream and make the most of summer while it lasts 🙂