Summer Fetish Goth

Last week I had a shoot with a new photographer, Linda Florin. We decided on sort of a fetish/goth theme with latex and a corset, which was quite interesting considering it was one of the hottest days all summer ๐Ÿ˜› But I quite like how it all turned out and I hope to shoot with her again some day ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo: Linda Florin Photography
Latex skirt: Maebelle Latex
Corset: Viola Lahger






Keeping the Dream Alive

This year I celebrated five years as a model. Even though I took a pretty long break from it all a couple of years ago due to studies, it feels strange to have been at it for so long. I haven’t done nearly all the things on my To Do List and there are still many talented photographers and designers I want to work with. I haven’t gone as far as I’d like, I’m not done by a long shot. I know I’m moving slower ahead than some other, but I’m patient and know that my time will come. I’m creating a niche for myself to make my name in and if it takes five more years to achieve what I want, so be it.

I can’t give up on what I want and what I like to do. I will probably have to expand my horizons, but it will be on my own terms. Not someone else’s.

I’m keeping my dreams alive, even though it’s hard and I sometimes feel like giving up on everything. I have to believe there’s a space for me and that I’ll soon be able to check of that list and feel a little more happy in my creativity. I’m proud of myself and of my work. I don’t compromise with my standards and boundaries. I know that I can stand behind everything that I’ve done so far. And that’s an important feeling for me.

I’m lucky though to have as many fans and supporters that I have, and I’m really bloody lucky to have Mashiara standing behind me no matter what โค Without him I don’t know what I would do or where I would be.

He feeds me with confidence and strength. Myself, I feed my dreams with tea, latex, corsets, high heels and weird madness. Oh, and cupcakes โค

And of course, pretty pictures from shoots ^^


Photo: Belinda Bartzner – Photography, Latex top: Maebelle Latex, Gloves: All You Need Is GL<3VES


Shiny City Shoot

Yesterday morning I met up with one of my favourite photographers, Natalie G Sundling, and the lovely makeup artist Josephine Levander to do an early city fetish shoot. I love shooting outdoors, it really gives one an opportunity to work with the environment. And the sun makes latex extra shiny ^^

And without further ramblings, here are the results! These will also be up on my Facebook Page, make sure to give it a Like if you want to keep track of my adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo: Natalie G Sundling
MUA: Josephine Levander Makeup artist
Latex dress: Maebelle Latex
Gloves: All You Need Is GL<3VES

IMG_2309 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2323 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2361 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2465 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2511 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2554 (X) (kopia)




Industrial Latex

A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to shoot with the incredibly talented photographer Belinda Bรคrtzner. This was my first shoot after a two month break from modelling, and I must admit that I was a bit nervous. This would be our first ever shoot together and I was only hoping that I still had skills and that I could perform well.

I don’t have to tell you that it all went perfectly well, do I? ^^ I had found a perfect spot in the city that had an industrial feel to it. So I brought out my latex and this is what we came up with:

Photo: Belinda Bartzner – Photography
Latex top: Maebelle Latex
Latex skirt: Collective CHAOS Design
Gloves: All You Need Is Gl<3ves


Arathin II

Steampunk Fairytale

Last Sunday I had a shoot with the very talented Kitty Carol. We’ve been trying to schedule a shoot since last October and finally we could make our schedules work!

I had my lovely green corset that I bought from my friend Tea Time and I thought that a combined steampunk/fairytale theme would be perfect for it. And I’m so happy with what we created ^^

These are the first twp photos, more will come soon enough ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo: Kitty Carol
MUA: Josephine Levander Makeup artist
Latex: Maebelle Latex
Fascinator: Miss Overdose