Steampunk Photo Adventures

Last Saturday the lovely photographer Belinda Bartzner came up to Stockholm again. As soon as I heard she was coming I knew I had to shoot with her again, everything turned out so good the last time! To my happiness she wanted to shoot with me as well 🙂 After some discussions we decided to try on something new: steampunk.

I have done shoots that were steampunk inspired, but this time we wanted something more.. well, proper. That meant no latex. Instead I spent an entire week sewing, dyeing and gluing together a good looking outfit as well as accessories. The only thing I didn’t make or alter was the corset, my pride and joy from Viola Lahger 😛

Anyway, our luck had it that it was a day with rain on and off, but we still managed to time it perfectly when it was clearing up a bit. And it was so much fun! As it always is when we’re shooting together ^^ And the results looked so awesome in the camera! I can’t wait to receive the finished results 🙂

Until then, here’s a little sneak peek 🙂



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