Taste of Stockholm

I’ve had Mashiara with me for the past week, which has been very nice and much needed. One of the things I love about him is that he’s as big of a food geek that I am ^^ So on Friday we decided to head over to the food festival Taste of Stockholm. We had our tickets, a small bunch of festival currency and a list of showcasing restaurants.

My expectations were somewhat high and I was not disappointed! Unfortunately we didn’t get to eat something from all the restaurants that were there, but we were very happy with the choices that we made. And it was so much fun to see some of the chefs and restaurants that I’ve only read about or seen on TV! I must admit that I was a little star struck ^^

And now, picture spam!


“Sugarsalted” salmon with smoked mayonnaise and herb oil – Restaurant Jonas


Chicken Tikka Masala – Indian Garden


Haddock croquettes with potatoes and cavolo nero – Adam & Albin Matstudio


Corn on the cob with truffles, smoked butter & chili powder – Adam & Albin Matstudio


Thai marinated fruit with mange touts, lime, vanilla & coconut syrup and lychee & peach sorbet – Farang


Banana panna cotta with chocolate cream, cream mousse and condensed milk – Daniel Roos Pastry Design

We finished it all off with a drink at Linje Tio (Line Ten) and some macaroons ^^ When we left I had a huge smile on my face and we were already discussing how to plan our visit next year 🙂


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