Vanyanís Giveaway – Again!

Oh yes, these darlings love their Giveaways! And this time more prizes are up for grabs, gift vouchers of $50, $100 and $150 – pretty nice Christmas presents for a corset lover, I must say ^^

What I would choose if I would win? A corset, of course ^^ My favourite Vanyanís corset is the one I first laid eyes on: the Morgana. I’d have it in decadent red though, with black lace overlay ❤ Maybe not as elaborate as the original, but I’ve always wanted lace overlay on a corset and this is one of the best I’ve seen so far. I’d exchange the crystals for something a little darker too, maybe a bunch of tiny silver skulls.

portfolioimages.large.392.Vanyanis1.2 (c) Iberian Black Art 600x900
Photography © Iberian Black Arts

Isn’t it yummie and, oh, so gorgeous? Just imagine pairing that with a simple silk skirt or a pair of latex leggings ❤

If you too would like to win a voucher, just head over to and follow the instructions 🙂



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