I need to clear out my wardrobe to fit some new things in (things that I’ll actually use..), so this post will be dedicated to exactly that. It will be updated as soon as something goes or I find something new to get rid of, so you might want to check back every once in a while 🙂

Prices will be listed in Swedish Krona (SEK), Euro and Dollar, shipping is not included! If you see something you want, send an email to with a description of the item in question and your country so I can calculate the shipping costs properly. I will NOT hold anything, it’s first pay first served.

Purple vintage skirt, 100 SEK, €11, $14
Purple vintage skirt made of raw silk, never worn and in great condition.
Waist measures 74 cm/29″.


Long PVC skirt from X-tra-X, 300 SEK, €32, $43
Long PVC skirt with decorative lacing in the front, closes with a zipper. It has lost its shine a bit, but that can probably be fixed with some PVC/latex shine. I am open for offers for this one as it needs to go!
Size: Small, waist measures 70 cm/28″.


OOAK PVC dress, 400 SEK, €42, $58
PVC dress designed and made by me. It laces up at the front, sides and back and is therefor very size friendly. Good quality PVC, only been used a few times.
Measurements when completely closed: bust – 71 cm/35,5″, waist – 67 cm/33,5″, no hip measurement needed since it’s a full circle skirt.
LaceupDress LaceupDress2

OOAK PVC set, 500 SEK, 53€, $72 for the entire set! Each piece is 300 SEK, 32€, $43
PVC set, designed and made by me. The top laces up at the back, measurements when closed are: bust – 79 cm/31″, waist – 60 cm/24″.
The skirt is a wraparound model that closes with four buttons, two on the front left and two on the front right. Decorative lacing around the waist. Waist measures 82 cm/32″.
PvcSet PvcSetBack

Blue Dress in a Corset

All right, so here’s the other set me and Natalie G Sundling took last week 🙂 I absolutely love this dress and to pair it with a black corset was one of my best ideas ever!

Photo: Natalie G Sundling
Earrings: CuriologyOnline

IMG_3476 (kopia)_small

IMG_3478 (kopia)_small

IMG_3484 (kopia)_small

IMG_3486 (kopia)_small

IMG_3487 (kopia)_small

IMG_3500 (kopia)_small

Lady In Red

Earlier this week I had a photoshoot with my dear Natalie G Sundling. We did two sets with a couple of dresses I’ve been longing to shoot. It all turned out a little different, more classy and.. timeless, I would say 🙂 Anyway, here are the photos from the second set – just because it was the first set I posted on Facebook 😛

Photo: Natale G Sundling
Dress: Stop Staring!
Gloves: All You Need Is GL<3VES

IMG_3616 (kopia)_small

IMG_3626 (kopia)_small

IMG_3640 (kopia)_small

IMG_3644 (kopia)_small

IMG_3651 (kopia)_small

IMG_3652 (kopia)_small

Busy Bee & Corsets

Sorry for not being so active here lately, but I’ve been busy as hell with studies and finishing off my internship. I’m currently trying to get a report/analysis of the period done while mentally preparing myself for the extra assignment I need to hand in to pass the paleography class. And on top of that I start working full time on Monday. Whofuckinghoo… I’m really annoyed at myself for not doing better, because I really worked hard on this. And I hate to fail at something.

But I’ll do what I always do. Bitch and moan about it for a short while, then dust myself off and get back to do my best damn work ever.

But at least I’m getting a bit creative again. Had a shoot yesterday with Natalie G Sundling, will shoot with KT Twisted photography on Friday and am fully booked next weekend with both Kitty Carol and Linda Florin. So I’ve got that game going at least. And I can finally bring out some of the things I’ve been dying to shoot for months! Including the latex set I got from Westward Bound about six months ago :3

And this baby is also coming out to play, my new darling from Viola Lahger ❤ The photo doesn’t make it justice though, the colours are a lot brighter in real life :3


Alice in the Dark

Early in December last year, I had another shoot with the lovely Kitty Carol. This time we did something a bit different. Instead of just going with a badass outfit, we focused on doing some creative portraits – with different accessories. We did two different styles and the result was awesome! I can’t wait to see the the finished result of the second look, it was so much fun to go out of my “styling box” and something completely new 🙂

With that said, I love this first look as well. I feel like a combined Alice in Wonderland-burlesque lady-19th century vampire ^^

Photo: Kitty Carol
Top Hat: Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium
Necklace: PILL
Styling by both model and photographer


2013 Chronicle

Wow, this year has really been busy! It’s had its ups and downs, but luckily, mostly ups 🙂 Here’s a little chronicle over the past year’s adventures, enjoy!

Finished my first semester in Archival Science and almost immediately got started on the next one. Was waayy too busy for shoots though, my head was mostly buried in books.. I did however acquire my second pair of latex gloves from All You Need Is GL<3VES ^^


So much studying… But I got my shooting game back on with a lovely winter photo shoot together with KT Twisted photography.


March:This was the month that saw the light of the first publication I fixed all by myself, the second overall publication in total 🙂 This was a huge milestone for me as it was in a quite well-known magazine, The Cat’s Meow Magazine. I also did some shoots with Natalie G Sundling, including an Easter themed one 🙂

TCMM March 2013 Arathin

The month of my birthday! And this month I also got to collaborate with a new latex designer, ASD Latex 🙂 I did shoots with both KT Twisted photography and Natalie G Sundling, the latter one with some latex from now closed Naucler Design.

IMG_9318 (OSC) (kopia)

Took a small break from modelling due to the heaps of studies that needed to be finished. I also started a summer job as a registrar that would end up lasting until the end of October.

I aced the second semester in Archival Science! This was also the month when I got to work with Belinda Bartzner – Photography for the first time.

Arathin II

Had several shoots this month, including two with two new photographers: Linda Florin and Kitty Carol. I also got to work with a new makeup artist, Josephine Levander 🙂 It was a wonderful summer, even though I spent most of it working.


This month I went to my first Victorian Picnic with a bunch of friends. It was a lot of fun and I hope to go again this year 🙂 I also did a new shoot with Belinda Bartzner – Photography and landed my second publication in Kultur Magazine!


Worked, went to a food festival my honey, Mashiara, and bought my first pair of Black Milk leggings. I even did a shoot with them together with Natalie G Sundling ^^ We also shot some pretty hair accessories for a designer, The Psychobilly Shop UK.

IMG_5669 (k)_small

Had my third photoshoot with Belinda Bartzner – Photography. Unfortunately though, her camera got stolen and all the pictures were lost forever. So this photo is the only one that will ever be seen from it until we can get a chance to do it again..


My grandmother got out of hospital after being there for 4 months. I also started my new internship and had lots of shoots planned. Illness and stupid weather got them all canceled though so I spent most of this month working and studying.

Did my second photoshoot with Kitty Carol, some lovely portraits (photo coming up soon, promise!). And I also did one of my favourite shoots all year with Natalie G Sundling and my latest pair of Black Milk leggings ❤

IMG_1997 (k)

Talk about an interesting year.. I’ve done so many things, my life has been moving upwards and I’ve got to spend time with some really lovely people. I can only hope 2014 will be even better 🙂