When Are You A Model?

This is a question that has racked my brain ever since I started modelling more seriously back in 2011. When can you claim to be a model? What do you have to do/achieve to be considered one by yourself and others in the business? It seems to me that everyone has their own definition of what a model is and when you can call yourself one.

Here are some of the answers to the above questions that I’ve heard or read during the years:
– Once you’ve done a shoot with a professional photographer
– Once you’ve been paid for a shoot (either by the photographer or another creative involved)
– Once you’ve done product shoots for a designer
– Once you’ve collaborated with a designer for a creative shoot
– Once you’ve been contacted by a professional photographer to do a shoot
– Once you’ve been approached by a designer who wants you to shoot their creations (either willing to lend you the item/-s or letting you keep it/them as payment)
– Once you’ve been published in a magazine
– Once you’ve been on the cover of a magazine
– Once you’ve done a fashion show for a small designer/business
– Once you’ve done a fashion show for a big designer
– If you’re represented by a major agency

I’m sure there are plenty more though..

According to this little list there are 8 reasons for me to call myself a model 😛 Personally though, I’m not quite sure what I think makes or doesn’t make a model. I think I want to say that once you know your angles and how to pose for/adapt to different photographers, then you are a model. Just standing in front of a camera isn’t enough, you have to be an active part of the creative process. Once you’ve got that then you’re a model in my book.

What about you? When do you think someone can call themselves a model?


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