A Fond Farewell

Apparently I haven’t touched this blog for almost a year. That has its reasons, one of which is that I hadn’t done since last summer. When I started this blog my thought was to use it to both showcase my modelling photos and to talk about my daily life.
Well, it’s fair to say that I gave up on that last part. I can’t even remember the last time I did a blog post here that wasn’t about anything modelling related.

During the past couple of years I have gradually lost the enjoyment of jumping in front of a camera. My work has taken up a lot more of my time and energy (especially my energy), I’ve wanted to spend more time with my family and friends and to do other things. It has also been increasingly difficult to make a shoot happen due to many of my photographer friends either moving away or suffer from the same issues as I do regarding time, energy and inspiration. No matter how much we want to do this it can be really hard to actually get something done when nothing really works in our favour.

So I have decided that 2018 is my last year. At the end of this year I will turn off my Facebook page and officially retire from the modelling business. I had my very first shoot in 2008 and during these ten years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful and talented photographers, MUAS, stylists, designers and other models, quite a few of which have become very close and dear friends.
Of course I wish I had managed to get more of my projects done but I am incredibly proud of everything that I have accomplished. I have been published in several magazines, been on the cover of one and have done a runway show. All of my followers and fans have been respectful, kind and supportive and I thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart.

There might be some new photos to show before I leave as I last week had a shoot with Natalie G Sundling (they looked so good in the camera, I can’t wait to see the finished results!) 🙂
I will probably shut down this blog as well when the day comes to take things offline. I will still keep my Instagram, although there might be a few changes (I haven’t made my mind up about this yet).

Thank you for following me on this journey ❤