Cyber Blue Latex

Okay, so I’m currently failing miserably at blogging once a week but I least I’ve managed to do it once a month. And that’s always something, right?

Anyway, this time I’d like to show you a set I shot this summer. It was my first shoot with Felicia Püschl Photography (definitely not the last) and I’m so happy with how the photos turned out!

Photo & harness designer: Felicia Püschl Photography
MUA: Heidi Ingensdotter
Latex: Maebelle Latex
Gloves: All you need is Gloves
Ear studs: Skullery


Black & White Retro

As promised I’m keeping up my weekly posts! I hope that with time I will write more often but as long as I average on once a week I’m happy, for now.

Most of you know me as a fetish and steampunk model but I do dabble in other genres as well. One of them is retro/vintage inspired and my favourite Stockholm photographer to go to for that is Hanna Fredholm. Earlier this spring we did a black and white shoot with a very simple styling and much accessories. I had only been doing shoots with other models since January so it felt really good to be alone in front of the camera. And I got a chance to bring out my beautiful corset busk jewellery from Vanyanís 🙂 ❤


Kultur Mag February Steampunk Feature

Gah, I just realised that I completely forgot to show my feature in Kultur Magazine February Steampunk issue! Anyway, here it is and I promise I will remember to post the proper photos in another post 🙂

And if you feel like you want to buy an issue of the magazine, just click on the link in the sidebar. You know, the one right above my Facebook ad. The one that says Kultur Magazine and that will take you to the magazine’s own shop 😉 Go on, I know you want to! ^^

Photo & edit: Vicki Jacobson Creative Arts
Latex leggings: Maebelle Latex
Corset: Viola Lahger
Harness: Lacing Lilith Latex Couture
Gloves: All you need is Gloves
Faux bird skull jewellery: Hysteria Machine
Bottled tentacle necklace: Lady Locks Creations
Ring: Kalabalika Taxidermi

KulturMag_SteampunkFeb_42.1_1 KulturMag_SteampunkFeb_42.1_2 KulturMag_SteampunkFeb_42.1_3

Eustratia Giveaway!

One of my favourite latex designers is holding a giveaway! I haven’t been able to get something from Eustratia yet, but I have so many of her things on my wishlist ❤ If you want to see what’s up for grabs just click this link:


To see more latex goodieness, just head over to their website:

2012 Chronicle

2013 is well under way and I’ve been busy like hell with Christmas, New Year’s and schoolwork. But I thought it would be fun to entertain you with a chronicle over my past year ^^

I started on a new adventure called “Studies in French” at University. It was the first time I properly touched the language since high school and, boy, did it show… But I also had some fun with a wintery shoot with my friend Josefine Jönsson.



Not the brightest month, I think. Lots of schoolwork to do, plus due to outer forces my honey wasn’t able to join me for Valentine’s Day. But I did start up this blog and had a great shoot with Josefine Jönsson, featuring my favourite top hat from Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium 🙂

This month I went to see an exhibition of Ai Weiwei, my favourite Chinese artist. I also had my first shoot with photographer Natalie G Sundling 🙂

9847 (f)_edit
The month of my birthday, even though I didn’t do much to celebrate it ^^ A new shoot with Natalie G Sundling was on the agenda, as was my very first shoot with photographer TzR. This was also the first time I met the makeup artist Colorfulmakeups and my co-model for a shoot, Starfucked. This time I got to shoot my favourite dress from Maebelle Latex ❤


All the intense studying really took its toll on me so I decided to take break and not do any new shoots until the end of the spring semester. However, I had my first interview published online at the Swedish blog Skofetischist. I got to geek out a bit about philosophy and fetish fashion, which I always love ^^


After a break I finally got the energy back to do shoots again and it couldn’t have started off in a better way. For a long time I’ve wanted to to a photoshoot project with some of my old LARP/roleplaying characters, and after contacting photographer KT Twisted Photography I got my chance 🙂 It all turned out really well and I now only hope to continue on with the project ^^




Summertime and I had two great shoots, one with a new photographer. She’s Mynumberis911 and we did a shoot featuring a new custom dress from Maebelle Latex with an Asian feel. I also got to shoot a bunch of lovely merchandise for Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium.


Attended a teaparty to watch my dear friend Tea Time perform ❤ I also added a new tattoo on my left arm and had a photoshoot together with photographer Capsicon and co-model Kya Wolfwritten.


This month started off with a whole new adventure when I decided to start studying Archival Science! It was probably one of the best choices I made this whole year ^^ No photoshoots this month though, but it was still a good one.

Work, work, work… Got to do a couple of shoots though with both Natalie G Sundling and Josefine Jönsson. The one with Josefine I had been working on since the beginning of the year, a steampunk one, and it turned out so beautiful! I got a couple of designers on board to create custom stuff for me: Maebelle Latex, Viola Lahger and Miss Overdose.


Got stressed out like hell due to the massive amount of schoolwork that got piled up on me this month. Two major projects and home exams that was going to be presented and handed in within just a few weeks of each other can really drive one mad… But I did get my first interview in fIXE Magazine published 🙂


This month was my highlight, I think. I got my first proper publication with the steampunk shoot I did in October, in Kultur Mag 🙂 I also had a new shoot with KT Twisted Photography, which is always much fun, celebrated Christmas and New Year’s with my honey and got a bit overstuffed with candy and sugar ^^




There you have it, my 2012 🙂 Now I’m hoping that 2013 will be awesome with lots of new opportunities ❤

Saffron Cupcakes Recipe

I spent this morning baking a batch of saffron cupcakes to be used as a Christmas Dessert on Monday (here in Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th). After I posted a photo of them on my Facebook Page, several people have been poking me for the recipe.

So I thought I’d be nice and share it ^^ The recipe says it will make 12 muffins/cupcakes, but I always get more out of it ^^

What You Need:

150 grams butter
200 gram of white chocolate, in chunks
0,5 grams saffron
5 eggs, separated
125 grams caster sugar
150 gram ground almonds

What You Do:

1) Turn the oven to 175 °C and line a muffin tray with paper cupcake liners.

2) Put butter & chocolate in a small saucepan and melt on a low heat, make sure to stir every so often. When it’s all melted, take it off the heat, add the saffron and allow to cool slightly. Once it’s cooled, add the egg yolks and 93 grams of the caster sugar and stir until it’s all combined. Note: since it’s white chocolate, the mixture will split! But don’t worry, it will all come together once we stir the sugar and egg yolks in 🙂

3) Whisk the egg whites in a dry & clean bowl until they form soft peaks. Add the remaining 31 grams of caster sugar gradually while you keep whisking. This will form a fluffy meringue. With a metal spoon, fold in the chocolate mixture and the ground almonds. When it’s all folded in, fill up the cupcake liners to about 75 %.

4) Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until the cupcakes have risen and look golden, if you test with a stick it should be dry. Take out the cupcakes and let them cool in the tray for a little while before transferring them onto a rack.

5) Decorate with frosting and decorations of your choice and enjoy!

Dont worry if the cupcakes sink a little in the middle when they cool down, I think it forms a nice little well for the frosting ^^


Halloween & Cemeteries

It’s the end of October, which means Halloween and an abundance of Halloween themed photoshoots. It’s also right about now that cemeteries are being overly used as locations for these shoots.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cemeteries, always have, and have done some shoots in one. I love the feeling of mystique and serenity they give, the calmness as well as the sense of there being something more to life than what we see and know. But I do have one rule, and that’s that I never do any kind of shoots in cemeteries around Halloween.
There is a quite simple reason for this. Here in Sweden we have begun to celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October with parties and such, but the more traditional way is to go to the cemeteries on the first Saturday of November and light candles on the graves of our loved ones. Of course, I respect the dead but the holiday in itself would not be a good enough reason for me to not shoot in cemeteries. No, for me it goes a lot deeper. I can never feel comfortable shooting in cemeteries during this time of year because two dear relatives have past away close to Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve. In 2001, on November 2nd, my grandfather (on my father’s side) past away, and on November 7th last year, I lost my grandmother (on my mother’s side). I was very close to them both and even though they left this world with several years in between it still hurts. And it hurts even more around this time of year.

Hence why I never ever do cemetery shoots around Halloween.

But this is getting to be a very sad post. Let’s spice it up with a holiday appropriate photo, shall we?

Here’s from me, my vampire alter ego Miss Marie and KT Twisted Photography: Happy Halloween, my darlings! ❤

A Little Change

There’s been a little change in my life. As of today I can proudly call myself a student of Archival Science 🙂 It’s going to be a nice addition to my Masters Degree in Aesthetics, not to mention the fact that it’s something that will actually help me get a job that I want. I don’t know if I know what I want to specialize in, but considering my other interests I think culture and literature is close at hand.

Since I’m now moving from part-time to full-time studies, this means that photoshoots will primarly be booked on weekends. It’s going to be nice to do all my creative things on weekends, then I can concentrate on my studies during the week and then relax. I’ve got some new things coming up so you better keep your eyes open! 🙂

And to reward myself a bit, I’m spending the rest of the afternoon looking at pretty high heels that want ^^

I wouldn’t say no to these ❤

Creative Mind At Work

So I hope everyone has had a good Easter, I know I have. Lots of food and chocolate and just trying to take it easy, that’s pretty much how it was for me. I haven’t finished all the chocolate yet either 😛

This week is going to be a busy one. Not only am I trying to do some schoolwork (it’s bloody hard though when you’re not really in the mood for anything), but I also have two photoshoots coming up. It will be fun, I’ll be working with a new photographer I’ve been a fan of for a while and I know we will do a good job together. Also, I’ll be wearing pretty things from Maebelle Latex and that is never wrong ^^
Tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with darling Maebelle, together with the awesome MUA Colourfulmakeups and the pretty model Starfucked, who will be my co-model on Sunday’s shoot 🙂 I’m really looking forward to getting out of the apartment, meet lovely people and be a bit social. Even though the intention is discussing details for the shoots I think there will be talks of other things as well. For some reason I always manage to come up with new ideas I want to drag Maebelle into every time we’re about to meet up for something XD

Oh well, I guess you never know where your creative mind can take you 😉

With that said, I’m also in the midst of planning something really epic and new! Several talents will be involved and good dates will be discussed soon. I promise I will keep you updated 🙂

Beauty Thing

I know I don’t have perfectly chiseled features, or those gorgeous looks that many of the other models have (Alternative and otherwise). But why should I let that deter me from doing what I love?

I enjoy showing off myself in latex, corsets, fantasy or retro wear and high heels. And you know what? I feel beautiful doing it 🙂 I may have some troublesome areas and parts of my body that I don’t like, but I’m learning to work with them instead of against them. And I also know that if I feel comfortable in what I do, then the end result will be good too.

So screw everyone who tries to tell you you’re not beautiful enough for something! Beauty may lie in the eye of the beholder, but it all starts within yourself.