Red Burlesque

Okay, I know it’s been two weeks since my last update but things have been pretty busy over here. So I thought I’d make it up to you by showing something nearly new but different. You all know I like to shoot vintage/retro with Hanna Fredholm. Well, a while ago we got together to shoot again and this time we ended up doing a colourful burlesque theme. I’ve never done burlesque before so it was a really fun thing to try 🙂

Photographer: Hanna Fredholm Photography
MUA: Linn Lundholm
Corset: Viola Lahger



New Corset Love

I took a break from studying this Sunday to drag my honey Mashiara to the local burlesque fair. I can’t really call it a flea market anymore, which is what it originally was, since there are so many designers and shops selling there now as well as private people.

There were soooo many people! It’s amazing to see how much it has grown in only a couple of years! And of course I found loads of things that I wanted :3 But I had set a budget so I couldn’t afford everything..

But I had called dibs on a corset a friend of mine was selling and that one took most of my money. It’s a beauty though so I can’t complain ^^
I also found a necklace consisting of a small glass flask filled with pieces of real gold, salvaged from old computers and cell phones. Now that’s steampunk!



Purple Vintage

Oh, I almost forgot to show you this!

Last Sunday me and my honey Mashiara went to the Burlesque Flea Market that was being held in Stockholm City. We wanted to see the Viola Lahger/Maebelle Latex/Sarah Burchill fashion show and I had planned to find me something nice and pretty. The fashion show was gorgeous and I got to say hi to some of my dear friends 🙂 After that, while Mashiara found himself a nice corner, I went around the venue together with darlings Tea and Josefine. Or rather, we pushed our way through, there was so much people everywhere!

Anyway, Tea got the assignment to throw pretty things at me – and she didn’t fail. After about ten seconds she had found me the most gorgeous-looking purple silk skirt. I tried it on, it fit nice, and I decided it was mine ^^

I also managed to provide myself with a beautiful deep blue hair flower, but I forgot to take a picture of that one.. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get to use them both in a photoshoot soon 🙂