Alive and Kicking!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been so active these past few weeks but I have been busy with life :3

Valentine’s Day came upon us and I spent it with my one and only Mashiara ❤ A night at a nice hotel and a lovely dinner at a fancy French restaurant, I think it was our best Valentine’s ever and definitely one of out best weekends together for some time. I didn’t want it to end and I miss him so much my heart is aching… But hopefully he will be here with me again soon ^^

Other than that I’m working, planning some shoots and apply for new jobs. Even though I like my current workplace I feel the need to move up from “just” being a registrar. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but my goal is to be an archivist and I won’t settle for less. But right now I’m happy if I can get the security, and paycheck, that a permanent job will bring (I’m currently employed as a temporary consultant with a shitty salary..).

And I’m all done with studying! At least for now, I’ll probably go back at a later stage but not right now 🙂 I decided to celebrate that with something I’ve been drooling over for some time: Burned Velvet leggings from Black Milk ❤



Taste of Stockholm

I’ve had Mashiara with me for the past week, which has been very nice and much needed. One of the things I love about him is that he’s as big of a food geek that I am ^^ So on Friday we decided to head over to the food festival Taste of Stockholm. We had our tickets, a small bunch of festival currency and a list of showcasing restaurants.

My expectations were somewhat high and I was not disappointed! Unfortunately we didn’t get to eat something from all the restaurants that were there, but we were very happy with the choices that we made. And it was so much fun to see some of the chefs and restaurants that I’ve only read about or seen on TV! I must admit that I was a little star struck ^^

And now, picture spam!


“Sugarsalted” salmon with smoked mayonnaise and herb oil – Restaurant Jonas


Chicken Tikka Masala – Indian Garden


Haddock croquettes with potatoes and cavolo nero – Adam & Albin Matstudio


Corn on the cob with truffles, smoked butter & chili powder – Adam & Albin Matstudio


Thai marinated fruit with mange touts, lime, vanilla & coconut syrup and lychee & peach sorbet – Farang


Banana panna cotta with chocolate cream, cream mousse and condensed milk – Daniel Roos Pastry Design

We finished it all off with a drink at Linje Tio (Line Ten) and some macaroons ^^ When we left I had a huge smile on my face and we were already discussing how to plan our visit next year 🙂

Summer Madness

Things are pretty slow at work right now so I’m allowing my brain to relax a bit and feel creative. Funnily enough though, I’m feeling more creative when it comes to cooking and creating recipes right now than when it comes to photoshoots. I guess it’s because I’ve gotten so many wonderful ideas these past months that I need to get them out of my system before I can come up with new ones. Soon I hope to tick some of the boxes though, since I’m waiting for an outfit and some jewellery to arrive. And I’ve also got some accessories that needs shooting.
I’m really looking forward to set some dates with photographers 🙂

But speaking of outfits, I payed a visit to my corset maker, Viola Lahger, yesterday to discuss a new baby. We decided on a model and the embellishments, but we were left with that difficult question of colours. I know I want soft pastels contrasting to each other, but after that I’m stuck. So we decided that she would go fabric hunting for me and I gave her a list of colours that I like ^^ I’m confident this new piece will be wonderful and I can’t wait to shoot it in the fall 🙂

And while we’re on the subject of corsets, I afterwards met up with a friend to go to a local Victorian picnic. It was great to meet so many wonderful people in gorgeous outfits, eat cakes and talk about everything and nothing. I was happy to see so many wearing lovely corsets, even though it did make me cry a bit inside to see some younger girl wear theirs not only upside down but backwards too.. I can understand that one might put on an underbust upside down – hell, I’ve done that myself a few times when not looking properly! But overbust styles? I’m sorry, but that’s really beyond me..

Anyway, I had planned for a truly epic outfit with my steampunk corset, but I ran out of time and couldn’t finish it. My plan B failed due to extreme heat, so in the end I settled for a nice basic summer goth outfit with one of my favourite corsets.


Midsummer Weekend

Last Friday was Midsummer’s Eve. In case you didn’t know, here in Sweden we take Midsummer very seriously. It’s practically our unofficial national holiday, that’s how much we celebrate it. And there are some strict rules to it too.

First, we make a funky (somewhat phallic-) looking pole that looks like a weird cross with hoops hanging from it. This we dance around, like it was a Christmas tree, and play games. When we need a break, we sit down on our picnic blankets, eat something sugary and drink coffee or lemonade. We also make flower garlands and some girls also pick seven different kinds of flowers to put under their pillows, in the hopes of dreaming of the future lover.

In the evening we all sit down to eat lots of fish, new potatoes and strawberries while drinking lots and lots of alcohol.
Well, some do. In my family, we skip the alcohol and go straight for the cake!

Every year we make a sort of pavlova. This year it was a layered one with hazelnut meringue, filled and topped with whipped cream and strawberries.





Five minutes after this picture was taken it had been completely devoured. I need to make it again soon, it was really yummie ^^

There you have it, the Swedish Midsummer in a nutshell. Or strawberry 😛