Black & Green for Bedeseme Magazine

Time really flies sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s the beginning of August, which means fall is closing in and with that a very hectic period for me. Not only will there be lots of work but I will also travel a bit as well as go in for surgery which is going to leave me unable to do all my normal things for a couple of weeks (I will make a proper post explaining everything later, but I can assure you it’s nothing serious and everything is and will be fine). That also means no time or energy for shoots. At the moment I have a lot of sets waiting to either be sent to magazines or to be done at all so there will be stuff to show you!

Until then, please enjoy this set that was shot exclusively for my feature in Bedeseme Magazine this past winter ❤

Photographer: Katiekat
Latex: Lady Lucie Latex
Gloves: All you need is Gloves
Choker: Midnight Nymphs
Earrings: Catherinette Rings
Hair sticks: HairJems



Steampunk Fetish

Finally I can show off all the pretty pictures from the steampunk shoot I did with Kitty Carol this spring! They were all published in Kultur Mag Cosplay Issue 34.1, June 2014 🙂

Photo: Kitty Carol
Latex: Eudoxia’s Latex
Top Hat: Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium
Preserved octopus: Taxidermist Carolina Lindahl
Jewellery made by me







Winter Imperial

So, after this post is done I have shown you all the full sets from photoshoots I’ve done from 2011 until today. After that I’ve only got a couple of early shoots left, but I think I’ll hold on to them for a little while more 😉 There are still som funky ideas to be shot and I’m waiting for the pics from my latest shoot, so hopefully you won’t have to wait for too long before you see something new. Until then I’ll have to amuse you with philosophical rambles and everyday photos 😉

Anyways, this photoshoot was one I’d been thinking about for a little while. I made the dress for Christmas 2009 and since then I had wanted to do something really creative with it. A year later I got to know the awesome designer behind Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium and I gave her the task of making a matching hat for the dress. The end result was gorgeous! This winter I dragged Josefine Jönsson out in the snow to shoot it with me ^^ It turned out a bit etherial and winter fairytale-like, just how I had envisioned it.

This Has A Story

I’ve been sick for the past week and it doesn’t really seem to want to change. It’s messing up my plans, not only do I have my Honey here but I was supposed to have a photoshoot this past Sunday which had to be cancelled.. Oh well, with some luck something good will come out of this. And with “something good” I mean awesome photoshoot ideas ^^

Speaking of photoshoots, I thought I’d post the full set of a beautiful shoot I did last fall with Josefine Jönsson. I had borrowed a bunch of jewellery from This Has A Story to shoot for Viola Lahger. And so we headed out to Skogskyrkogården to find some fitting locations. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the result and I know Viola Lahger was too 🙂

The Goth Girl Cometh

So, after a little break from shoot posts with everyday stuff and rants I think it’s about time to start things up again. I still have a couple of more shoots to show you before it’s time to move on to the really old ones.

This photoshoot is from last fall, again with photographer Capsicon. The theme we had in mind was a sort of “wicked witch of the west”/goth girl-thing and Gamla Stan (Old Town) fit it very well. I was also lucky enough to borrow a beautiful necklace from This Has A Story/Viola Lahger, one that I also used in a complete product shoot together with some other necklaces. But those pictures will be posted later.

Anyway, here’s the full set of “The Goth Girl Cometh” 🙂

Lady By The Fountain

I’m longing for summer at the moment, so it seems only fitting that I post the full set of a lovely shoot I had last July. It was my first shoot with the awesome photographer Josefine Jönsson, and we had planned for something a bit statue-like with  a proper fountain in the background. Well, we didn’t get the fountain we originally wanted but the end result turned out really beautiful anyhow and I hope I get to do a new take on the theme someday 🙂

So, here it is! Photo & edit by Josefine Jönsson and corset by Viola Lahger.

Punk Rock Girl

Keeping up with my promise of publishing more full sets of my shoots, I’ve now come to a photoshoot I did last summer. This was my second shoot with photographer Rikard E and I had an idea containing attitude and a punk rock feel to it. Also I wanted to show off a pair of boots I had salvaged from a friend of mine ^^

I won’t keep you wondering much more, here’s the result of that shoot!

Victorian Gothic

In April last year I did my first photoshoot with photographer Capsicon. The theme was Victorian Gothic and it did turn out quite good 🙂 I got a huge bunch of pics and unfortunately I can’t fit them all in one post. So these are my favourites, send me a request if you want to see more 🙂 Corset from Viola Lahger, of course.

I Goth Candy

Right, I promised to post entire series of my photoshoots. I’ve decided to stick to last year’s shoots, as well as the very latests ones, and after that I’ll continue with the early sets. That sounds like a pretty good idea, right? ^^

So, here’s a shoot I did with Josefin Pöljö in February 2011. It was cold but fun 🙂