Vanyanís Giveaway – Again!

Oh yes, these darlings love their Giveaways! And this time more prizes are up for grabs, gift vouchers of $50, $100 and $150 – pretty nice Christmas presents for a corset lover, I must say ^^

What I would choose if I would win? A corset, of course ^^ My favourite Vanyanís corset is the one I first laid eyes on: the Morgana. I’d have it in decadent red though, with black lace overlay ❤ Maybe not as elaborate as the original, but I’ve always wanted lace overlay on a corset and this is one of the best I’ve seen so far. I’d exchange the crystals for something a little darker too, maybe a bunch of tiny silver skulls.

portfolioimages.large.392.Vanyanis1.2 (c) Iberian Black Art 600x900
Photography © Iberian Black Arts

Isn’t it yummie and, oh, so gorgeous? Just imagine pairing that with a simple silk skirt or a pair of latex leggings ❤

If you too would like to win a voucher, just head over to and follow the instructions 🙂


Another Vanyanís Giveaway!

Vanyanís are so adorable! Not long ago they had a Giveaway where you could win a beautiful necklace, and now they’re holding another one! This time it’s to celebrate 1500 Likes on Facebook – which they really deserve and I hope they get a lot more 🙂 If you take part in the Giveaway you will be able to win a $150 AUD voucher to use towards a custom garment.

If you don’t know about Vanyanís yet, you really should check out their website, So many gorgeous things to be found!


Vanyanís Giveaway!

The lovely and incredibly talented lady over at Vanyanís is holding a giveaway where you can win a gorgeous necklace! There are several ways to enter so you’ll be given a fair chance 🙂

I love these kind of necklaces, they’re so stylish and elegant. And I can use them to practically any outfit! But my favourite kind of outfit to use it for would probably be a classy long latex skirt pair with a somewhat elaborate black overbust corset. Then the necklace would really pop and it’s glory would show off perfectly.

And by the way, you should all go and visit her website for more lovely creations 🙂


Eustratia Giveaway!

One of my favourite latex designers is holding a giveaway! I haven’t been able to get something from Eustratia yet, but I have so many of her things on my wishlist ❤ If you want to see what’s up for grabs just click this link:


To see more latex goodieness, just head over to their website: