Keep the Sanity!

Things are about to get really stressful now..

Next week I’ve got two doctor’s appointment that will decide how this winter’s medical treatments are going to be scheduled. There’s UVB light treatment for my skin and allergy vaccinations to prepare for the pollen season next spring. So there’s nothing seriously wrong with me, but these are things that have to be done if I’ll make it through this winter all right – and have a decent pollen defense next year.

I wouldn’t be all that bothered with it if it wasn’t also for the fact that I have two college courses that run parallel to each other – with one huge project and two home exams to finish them off. There’s going to be a lot of issues trying to fit all the schedules together, and with that comes a mounting feeling of stress and to not have any time. I don’t like that, it’s not good for me.

Stress increases the risk of running into that all too familiar brick wall, and I certainly don’t have any time for that!

That’s the reason why I haven’t been crazy with booking and planning shoots. I do have some stuff planned, so don’t worry about that, but I’m not stressing anything. Being creative in front of the camera is wonderful fun, but I have to make priorities and right now my health has to come first. Without that I can’t function and nothing good will come out of it.

Be patient, I will be back with awesomeness ❤