Steampunk Fetish

Finally I can show off all the pretty pictures from the steampunk shoot I did with Kitty Carol this spring! They were all published in Kultur Mag Cosplay Issue 34.1, June 2014 🙂

Photo: Kitty Carol
Latex: Eudoxia’s Latex
Top Hat: Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium
Preserved octopus: Taxidermist Carolina Lindahl
Jewellery made by me







New Corset Love

I took a break from studying this Sunday to drag my honey Mashiara to the local burlesque fair. I can’t really call it a flea market anymore, which is what it originally was, since there are so many designers and shops selling there now as well as private people.

There were soooo many people! It’s amazing to see how much it has grown in only a couple of years! And of course I found loads of things that I wanted :3 But I had set a budget so I couldn’t afford everything..

But I had called dibs on a corset a friend of mine was selling and that one took most of my money. It’s a beauty though so I can’t complain ^^
I also found a necklace consisting of a small glass flask filled with pieces of real gold, salvaged from old computers and cell phones. Now that’s steampunk!



This Has A Story

I’ve been sick for the past week and it doesn’t really seem to want to change. It’s messing up my plans, not only do I have my Honey here but I was supposed to have a photoshoot this past Sunday which had to be cancelled.. Oh well, with some luck something good will come out of this. And with “something good” I mean awesome photoshoot ideas ^^

Speaking of photoshoots, I thought I’d post the full set of a beautiful shoot I did last fall with Josefine Jönsson. I had borrowed a bunch of jewellery from This Has A Story to shoot for Viola Lahger. And so we headed out to Skogskyrkogården to find some fitting locations. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the result and I know Viola Lahger was too 🙂

Birthday Wishlist, Part 1

So I’m suppose to be doing my homework for tomorrow’s lecture, but for some reason I can’t be bothered. Instead I find myself roaming around the Internet for pretty things to put on my Birthday Wishlist.

So far I’ve found this:


Pretty new squiggles, but in other colour combinations ^^

And of course I’ve got some things that’s already been on that Wishlist for some time:


I’m pretty sure that as my birthday draws nearer I’ll find new things to add to it. I usually do ^^