Making Summer

It’s June, it’s summer and I’m trying to finish all my remaining school work before the weekend. It’s not that much work really, I’ve spent most of my time whining about things in my last home exam. Not whining about it, but whining IN it 😛 I’ve done it before, although to a lesser degree, but my teacher seemed to apporve of it then. So I’m hoping for lots of points this time ^^

I’ve also had my lovely honey Mashiara here this past week. We’ve celebrated our fifth anniversary (yes, we’ve been together for that long <3) and otherwise not done much but enjoy each other’s company. It’s been nice to have him here, but I’ll miss him like hell when he leaves..

Next week I’m finally starting my new job properly. I’ll be working full time so posts will be slow to arrive. But I have a few ideas for upcoming posts, mostly photo compilations, but I think you’ll enjoy them 🙂

I also have a few photoshoots planned for the summer. I won’t tell you exactly what they’ll be yet, but I promise they will be awesome 🙂 A bit of latex, a bit of corsetry, some colour and other fun things ^^ This is the nice thing about having a routine job, it makes me feel more creative and it gives me ideas for shoots and other projects. Because I am planning for other creative projects aside from modelling. I have to do something else to expand my horizons and these new ideas of mine will take me there.

But that’s for later, now it’s time for ice cream and make the most of summer while it lasts 🙂

Blue Dress Dreams

For the past month, the show Project Runway Sweden has been running on tv. I love the original show and was really curious to how this version would be. Well, I’ve been both impressed and incredibly disappointed. A couple of weeks ago the challenge was to design an outfit for a fashionista and her daughter. The winning garments was to be sold online at one of Sweden’s biggest stores.

Imagine my happiness when the winner turned out to be my favourite design ^^ As soon as it was announced I went online and discovered that I could order it! Yesterday I picked it up and it’s as beautiful as I thought it would be ❤

So, here’s a snap shot of me with the dress on. The colour is more of a deep blue, though. I really love it and I can’t wait to shoot it!

It’s All About The Shiny

As the titles states, it’s all about the shiny stuff today. Later this afternoon I’ll be heading over to Maebelle Latex headquarters to get my pretty green dress mended. I took it out for a shoot last Saturday when the little bow in the front decided it was a good time to fall off. I still wore it, with just a quick addition of a rose hair clip to cover up the damage. But that’s not all I’m going to do there. I’ll also be trying on my new skirt that she’s making for a shoot that I’ve been planning since January. I’m really looking forward to see it come to life 🙂

These past few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of new ideas for shoots, all of them involving latex. I’m not going to give out any details, but books are definately good for my inspiration ^^ I only wish I had more funds to obtain all the things (especially all the latex) I want and need for them all. Some day… I’ve been starting a list of the latex I’d like to have, so I can keep a decent track of everything 😛

And speaking of latex, I got my new gloves from All You Need Is G L ❤ V E S the other week. They fit perfectly and I can’t wait to shoot them ❤

Fetish Fair Fun

Wow, these past few days have really been like a mood rollercoaster. I didn’t get the summer job I had applied and been to an interview for, which really brought me down. I couldn’t stop worrying about the future, which in itself didn’t really help much. But here’s the thing about me, I more or less need to break down before I can pick myself up and go forward.

And that’s what I’ve done. I’m now planning for other things to do in case nothing happens on the day job front, and that helps me keep my spirits up. I won’t tell you everythings that’s on the list, but there will be a couple of fun photoshoots to enjoy ^^ I’ve got a few ideas that need to be realized and this just might be their summer. And don’t forget I’m still planning the details for one of my most epic shoots ever!

Also, I paid a visit to Stockholm Fetish Fair that was on Saturday. It’s an annual event alongside Stockholm Fetish Weekend, that contains different parties and workshops. I relly liked the fact that there were shows, seminars and workshops during the Fair, but I was a little disappointed at the vendor’s section. There were a few designers and boutiques that I missed and that I thought was going to be there but weren’t.
But even so, I did not come away emptyhanded. After a while something caught my eyes, I tried it on and it fit perfectly! What did, you say? A gorgeous looking skirt in purple semi-transparent latex, with frills and a black contrast trimming ❤

Here’s a crappy snap shot of it:

I really need to get myself a new party camera… And I need to plan a new fun photoshoot with this darling! ^^

Allergy Time

Finally, the spring is truly in the air! And with it also masses of pollen >_< I can really tell that the pollen season is starting earling this year because I can’t stick my head outside the door before it gets all stuffed and heavy… I’ve been battling pollen allergy for a few years now (yes, not even models can escape the horror) and recently I got a new medicine to try out. Since the prognosis is that this year’s pollen season will be worse than last year, I now have a really good opportunity to try it out.

I do hope it works so I can work properly during ouside shoots. I do have a few of those planned for the spring and summer, only thing left is to set the proper dates 🙂

Until then you will have to settle for this lovely black & white shot, taken by Natalie G Sundling.

New Corset!

After a couple of days filled with stress, anxiety, worries and personal wtf’s I finally managed to get my mood up yesterday.

How I did it? I went and picked up my new corset from the awesomely wonderful Viola Lahger ^^ It’s so beautiful, I just couldn’t be happier! Karin is truly a corset wizard, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her create something that isn’t gorgeous 🙂

So this is how my new baby looks:

Ignore the horrible lighting, spotlights may be good for making the shiny satin extra shiny but it’s hell for the skin – especially my face >_<

But I really really love it 🙂 It will come out a little later on to play with some lovely (and shiny!) latex from Maebelle Latex, I can’t wait!