Black & Green for Bedeseme Magazine

Time really flies sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s the beginning of August, which means fall is closing in and with that a very hectic period for me. Not only will there be lots of work but I will also travel a bit as well as go in for surgery which is going to leave me unable to do all my normal things for a couple of weeks (I will make a proper post explaining everything later, but I can assure you it’s nothing serious and everything is and will be fine). That also means no time or energy for shoots. At the moment I have a lot of sets waiting to either be sent to magazines or to be done at all so there will be stuff to show you!

Until then, please enjoy this set that was shot exclusively for my feature in Bedeseme Magazine this past winter ❀

Photographer: Katiekat
Latex: Lady Lucie Latex
Gloves: All you need is Gloves
Choker: Midnight Nymphs
Earrings: Catherinette Rings
Hair sticks: HairJems


HMS Latex

I realised I have been neglecting this blog quite a bit lately. But work has taken up a lot of my time, not to mention all kinds of family events.
But anyways, here is my latest photo set with Natalie G Sundling, before she left for the US.

Latex: HMS Latex
Gloves: All you need is Gloves
Hair sticks & earrings: HairJems

IMG_0760 kopia

IMG_0769 kopia

IMG_0774 kopia

IMG_0788 kopia

IMG_0790 kopia

IMG_0798 kopia

IMG_0807 kopia

IMG_0813 kopia

IMG_0824 kopia

IMG_0829 kopia

Steampunk Fetish

Finally I can show off all the pretty pictures from the steampunk shoot I did with Kitty Carol this spring! They were all published in Kultur Mag Cosplay Issue 34.1, June 2014 πŸ™‚

Photo: Kitty Carol
Latex: Eudoxia’s Latex
Top Hat: Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium
Preserved octopus: Taxidermist Carolina Lindahl
Jewellery made by me







Going for the High Heels

One of my favourites Internet stores has decided to close up shop, so I decided I wanted to say “Thank you for all these years” by ordering one last pair of shoes from them :3 It just so happened that I had been staring (and probably drooling) over one particular pair. They’re a little higher than I’m used to, but I don’t think that should be much of a problem. I mean, when you’ve got badass heels like this you learn to use them quite quickly ^^


Aren’t they lovely? ❀ I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can use them in a shoot ^^

Latex Snow Queen

A couple of weeks ago I got to shoot with the lovely Kitty Carol again. We had been planning this shoot for months and this was probably going to be the last weekend with snow so we knew it was now or never. It was cold as hell, and windy, which didn’t help, but it really turned out beautiful! This is probably my favourite shoot to date πŸ™‚

Photo: Kitty Carol
Latex: Westward Bound
Gloves: All You Need Is GL<3VES


Shiny City Shoot

Yesterday morning I met up with one of my favourite photographers, Natalie G Sundling, and the lovely makeup artist Josephine Levander to do an early city fetish shoot. I love shooting outdoors, it really gives one an opportunity to work with the environment. And the sun makes latex extra shiny ^^

And without further ramblings, here are the results! These will also be up on my Facebook Page, make sure to give it a Like if you want to keep track of my adventures πŸ™‚

Photo: Natalie G Sundling
MUA: Josephine Levander Makeup artist
Latex dress: Maebelle Latex
Gloves: All You Need Is GL<3VES

IMG_2309 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2323 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2361 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2465 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2511 (X) (kopia)

IMG_2554 (X) (kopia)




Skull Gloves & Magazine

I’ve acquired some new things these past few weeks. Both are shiny but made from different materials πŸ˜›

First off is the edition of Cat’s Meow Magazine where I have my feature. I had to have it to myself and finally I got around to order a copy.



The second thing that arrived was a new pair of latex gloves. From where? All You Need Is Gloves, of course ^^



Not the best pic, I know, but there are better ones to come! I had them during a shoot with Belinda Bartzner – Photography yesterday, and I’ve got some sneak peeks for you. But you’ll have to wait a little for them ^^

I’m still hard at work, but new shoots are being planned and booked, and I’m excited to be back in the game πŸ™‚

Photoshoot Adventure

Just got home from today’s photoshoot with the awesome KT Twisted Photography. We’ve been trying to schedule a shoot for nearly a month now, mostly due to illnesses, schoolwork and overall stress, and today we finally managed to get it done πŸ™‚

We did two very different outfits: one dark and gothic and one light and shiny. I wish I could give you more details, but since I’m planning to send some pics away to magazines I don’t want to spoil the surprise πŸ˜‰ But I can tell you that a couple of designers will be happy πŸ˜›

Anyway, I had a specific theme in mind for one of the outfits when I arrived at the studio. But as soon as I got it on I realised that it wouldn’t work. Or well, it probably would have but when we stood looking at my mirror image we both came to the conclusion that it didn’t need all the props I had brought. It was gorgeous the way it was.But that’s me in a nutshell, I always bring a lot more than I really use during shoots πŸ˜›

Two hours later and we were done! She was happy and I was happy. Everything looked so good in the camera so I don’t have any doubts that the finished result will be beautiful πŸ™‚

And so to not leave you empty handed, here’s from the last time we played around with shiny things ^^


It’s All About The Shiny

As the titles states, it’s all about the shiny stuff today. Later this afternoon I’ll be heading over to Maebelle Latex headquarters to get my pretty green dress mended. I took it out for a shoot last Saturday when the little bow in the front decided it was a good time to fall off. I still wore it, with just a quick addition of a rose hair clip to cover up the damage. But that’s not all I’m going to do there. I’ll also be trying on my new skirt that she’s making for a shoot that I’ve been planning since January. I’m really looking forward to see it come to life πŸ™‚

These past few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of new ideas for shoots, all of them involving latex. I’m not going to give out any details, but books are definately good for my inspiration ^^ I only wish I had more funds to obtain all the things (especially all the latex) I want and need for them all. Some day… I’ve been starting a list of the latex I’d like to have, so I can keep a decent track of everything πŸ˜›

And speaking of latex, I got my new gloves from All You Need Is G L ❀ V E S the other week. They fit perfectly and I can’t wait to shoot them ❀

Photoshoot Assistance

Since I’m lucky enough to know several talented people, I sometimes get to assist in their photoshoots πŸ™‚ Yesterday, I headed out with Josefine JΓΆnsson and the ever so delicious Tea Time to be their assitant/behind the scenes photographer. I’m not the one who would say no to lace up this gorgeous girl and shine up her latex, it’s actually quite fun ^^

And so, here’s a few behind the scenes pics! More can be found HERE, HERE and HERE! Also visible in these pictures: Josefine JΓΆnsson, My, myself, and stuff from Maebelle Latex, Viola Lahger, Loulah Belle, Sarah Wikholm and Sarah Burchill.