Update Time!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been a very busy bee these past few weeks. My paper is done and defended, I’m only waiting to get my grade on it. I’m currently writing my final home exam, due next week. It’s an easy one, but it’s hard to find the motivation to write it – and to not be overly stuck-up and “yell” at everything! But that’s my problem with “discuss freely” questions, I love them but I can’t help but being very bitter and sarcastic when discussing the topic 😛 But it has given me good points in the past, so who knows? Maybe lightning strikes twice? 😉

I’ve also started my summer job, being a registrator at a government office. Lots of routine work but I like it ^^ It gives me money so I can get one or two new latex pieces, a new corset and a new phone. I can’t complain about that 🙂 It might mean though that it will be a bit quiet here since I’ll be working full time and won’t have the same amount of time to write things every few days. But I hope you’ll still stick around, there are going to be some lovely pics posted since I’m planning shoots for the summer 🙂

This little baby will come out to play!



Oh and I got a new dress recently :3 I’m celebrating five whole years together with my beloved Mashiara and I thought I should have something new ^^ I’m getting him something really special for our anniversary and sooo hope he will like it! No, I won’t say anything since I know he reads my blog 😉


On Nudity & Shoots

Every now and again I get asked why I don’t do nude shoots. The short answer: I don’t want to. Oh wait, you wanted the long answer? All right, here it comes…

Firstly, I don’t mind nude shoots and nudity in general. I love looking at well composed fine art nudes and admire every girl who feels comfortable enough being naked in front of the camera. Some of my favourite photos of other models are nude ones. My friend Insanitea, for example, has done some of the most beautiful FAN shoots that I know of. I just don’t see myself doing it, not even lingerie and glamour, and I do have my reasons for it.

1) I’m really not comfortable with the thought of taking my clothes of in front of a camera.

2) I’m hoping to get a job within the public sector and so to have nude shots floating around the Internet would not be a good thing. Latex and corsets I can defend as not damaging the imaging of the workplace. With FAN or glamour it would not be as easy ,and I am thinking about my own future and a career that will probably last longer than my modelling one.

3) For me, being fully naked or half-naked is something very intimate and requires a huge amount of trust. Of course there are a few photographers I feel that secure with, but it still wouldn’t feel a 100 % right. And if it doesn’t feel right, why should I do it?

It’s not than I’m not comfortable with my body, because I am. I’m very proud of my curves. I’m in my late 20’s and I know that there are women who would kill to have the shape that I have. Of course I have my bad days, everybody does. But I know I look good and I want to make the most of it.

I just prefer to do it with my clothes on, that’s all.

Vintage Dress

My first home exam was handed in a few days ago, now I’m hoping that my teacher can make some sense of what I’ve written and give me a passing grade. Now, however, I’ve got two courses parallell to each other adn tons of work to do! A few shoots are being planned and I desperately hope the weather will hold up until they’re done. Got some shiny and non-shiny stuff so it’s going to be good ^^

Speaking of clothes, earlier this week I met up with my darling friend Tea Time to exchange money for dress, drink tea and coffee and rant about school related stuff. Always so much fun ^^

Aaand here’s the dress I bought from her! A bit different colourscheme than usual for me, but I love it 🙂 And it fits perfectly!