Baking Madness!

I’m currently in a baking mood. There’s been so much lately that I haven’t had time to bake anything, something that’s otherwise one of my favourite pastimes. Being gluten intolerant makes it a bit more difficult, because everything you make behaves a lot more different than ordinary foods and sweets. Once you cut out flour (and therefor, gluten), things are not as clear cut anymore.

But I’m stubborn and I will let nothing keep me from indulging in cakes, cookies, pies and cupcakes ^^ So I experiment on free-hand as well as look up recipes on the Internet. I try to stay as clear as possible from all kinds of ready made flour/cake mixes though. Partly because I aim to keep my sweet things “clean”, and partly because I search a lot for recipes in English – and the gluten free flour/cake mixes that are available in USA, UK or Australia are impossible to get a hold of here in Sweden.

My latest mission has been shortbread cookies. I’m a huge cookie monster, but I haven’t been able to bake as much cookies since I got my diagnosis, mostly since many recipes contains a lot more flour than I’ve dared experiment with so far. But a little while ago I found an awesome recipe for gluten free shortbread cookies, made from almond flour and rice flour. The recipe was incredibly easy and really fun to try, and I decided to use my Cthulhu cookie cutter for the occasion 🙂

The first tray was somewhat of a failure though. The cookies spread so much they ended up looking like monkey heads instead of flying octopus monsters 😛 And they got a lot more colour than they should. But after I tweaked a bit with the oven temperature and cooking time, the following trays looked awesome ^^ Even though they look more like bats in their current state. But that’s easily solved with a bit of green icing ^^



They taste absolutely delicious though ❤

Next mission: peanut butter cookies!

Valentine’s Day

So, today is Valentine’s Day, probably the one day of the year when everyone is divided into two camps: lovers and haters of Valentine’s. I’m a hopeless romantic, so I love this day ^^ I don’t, however, love all the commercial stuff that are being sold as “special gifts”. Teddybears with a big heart doesn’t really do it for me, give me a big cat instead! Or a pink elephant, that would be very nice indeed. Or a box of good chocolate and lots of quality time, I’m quite happy with that. I want something that comes from the heart, that has feeling.

Usually, me and my honey Mashiara will go out to a nice dinner and get some time to ourselves. But this year he’s being held back by his job, and so we’ve decided to do something more special next week when he comes up to me. It’s a bit sad to be without him, but we’ll make up for it later ^^

Anyway, I hope you are all having a great Valentine’s Day, whether you’re celebrating it or not 🙂

Here’s a little something from me and KT Twisted Photography: