Halloween & Cemeteries

It’s the end of October, which means Halloween and an abundance of Halloween themed photoshoots. It’s also right about now that cemeteries are being overly used as locations for these shoots.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cemeteries, always have, and have done some shoots in one. I love the feeling of mystique and serenity they give, the calmness as well as the sense of there being something more to life than what we see and know. But I do have one rule, and that’s that I never do any kind of shoots in cemeteries around Halloween.
There is a quite simple reason for this. Here in Sweden we have begun to celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October with parties and such, but the more traditional way is to go to the cemeteries on the first Saturday of November and light candles on the graves of our loved ones. Of course, I respect the dead but the holiday in itself would not be a good enough reason for me to not shoot in cemeteries. No, for me it goes a lot deeper. I can never feel comfortable shooting in cemeteries during this time of year because two dear relatives have past away close to Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve. In 2001, on November 2nd, my grandfather (on my father’s side) past away, and on November 7th last year, I lost my grandmother (on my mother’s side). I was very close to them both and even though they left this world with several years in between it still hurts. And it hurts even more around this time of year.

Hence why I never ever do cemetery shoots around Halloween.

But this is getting to be a very sad post. Let’s spice it up with a holiday appropriate photo, shall we?

Here’s from me, my vampire alter ego Miss Marie and KT Twisted Photography: Happy Halloween, my darlings! ❤


Miss Marie, The Vampire

I finally received the photos from the first RPG character photoshoot I had with Katie Sandström a while ago. Since this character, the Toreador vampire Miss Marie, is still very close to my heart, I’m very happy that the result turned out so well 🙂

But I won’t keep you hanging much longer, here are all the pictures!

Photo & edit done by Katie Sandström, Corset by Viola Lahger and hand mirror from Alla Tiders Handelsbod.

Miss Marie Sneak Peek

Last week I had a photoshoot I’ve been longing to do for a long time. Like I told you in my last post, I used to be an active roleplayer, mostly engaging in Vampire: the Masquerade. This shoot was based on my very first character, a vampire named Miss Marie.

Miss Marie is part of the Toreador clan, the clan of the artists and club owners. She herself is an art restorer, working mostly with French and Italian rennaissance art. With her red hair and green eyes she easily turns the head of everyone she passes by. Not that she cares that much. Miss Marie is probably the most antisocial Toreador there is, and also highly cynical and bitter. The reason for that is simple: she does not have a reflection. Can you imagine that? Being a part of the most beautiful clan and not being able to look at yourself in the mirror because there won’t be anything there. She thinks the world has played her a very cruel joke and is therefor intent on treating it the same way. But even so, she’s very seductive when the mood hits her, which only proves her place within the clan.

A little background story, and here’s the first proper picture of her 🙂 Photo & edit by Katie Sandström, the corset is made by Viola Lahger.