Baking Madness!

I’m currently in a baking mood. There’s been so much lately that I haven’t had time to bake anything, something that’s otherwise one of my favourite pastimes. Being gluten intolerant makes it a bit more difficult, because everything you make behaves a lot more different than ordinary foods and sweets. Once you cut out flour (and therefor, gluten), things are not as clear cut anymore.

But I’m stubborn and I will let nothing keep me from indulging in cakes, cookies, pies and cupcakes ^^ So I experiment on free-hand as well as look up recipes on the Internet. I try to stay as clear as possible from all kinds of ready made flour/cake mixes though. Partly because I aim to keep my sweet things “clean”, and partly because I search a lot for recipes in English – and the gluten free flour/cake mixes that are available in USA, UK or Australia are impossible to get a hold of here in Sweden.

My latest mission has been shortbread cookies. I’m a huge cookie monster, but I haven’t been able to bake as much cookies since I got my diagnosis, mostly since many recipes contains a lot more flour than I’ve dared experiment with so far. But a little while ago I found an awesome recipe for gluten free shortbread cookies, made from almond flour and rice flour. The recipe was incredibly easy and really fun to try, and I decided to use my Cthulhu cookie cutter for the occasion 🙂

The first tray was somewhat of a failure though. The cookies spread so much they ended up looking like monkey heads instead of flying octopus monsters 😛 And they got a lot more colour than they should. But after I tweaked a bit with the oven temperature and cooking time, the following trays looked awesome ^^ Even though they look more like bats in their current state. But that’s easily solved with a bit of green icing ^^



They taste absolutely delicious though ❤

Next mission: peanut butter cookies!

More Black Milk

The 1st of October Black Milk Clothing released their Halloween collection. I was pretty interested in it since I had heard rumours about there being pieces with Corpse Bride print. I love Tim Burton and Corpse Bride is one of my favourite movies. Ever. Imagine my happiness when they published the list of all prints and styles to be released and I saw “Corpse Bride leggings”!

Naturally, I had to have them.



While going through all the sneak peeks there was another item that caught my eyes. The Dead Cat leggings, with a print of a cat skeleton patterned in a kaleidoscopic kind of way. Every time I looked at them I just seemed to want them more. The only catch was they were a 48H special, which meant they were only going to be on sale for 48 hours. Did I have money for them?

Yes, I did.



My new babies and I don’t regret a thing! I was never much for leggings on nylon before, but once I got my hands on my first pair (the Cthulhu leggings), I was stuck. Now I got three pairs and I’m very happy indeed ^^

Goth Girl – With Stripes & Bows

Nearly forgot to show you the second set I shot with Natalie G Sundling a few weeks ago. But here it is!

Photo: Natalie G Sundling
Wig: Kooky by Katastrophy
Hair clips: The Psychobilly Shop UK

IMG_5586 (k)_small

IMG_5618 (k)_small

IMG_5669 (k)_small

IMG_5695 (k)_small

Cthulhu Fashion Shoot

Last weekend I met up with one of my favourite photographers, Natalie G Sundling, for a photoshoot. We decided on two themes and here is the first one, a little Cthulhu fashion 🙂

Photo: Natalie G Sundling
Cthulhu leggings: Black Milk Clothing

IMG_5392 (k)_small

IMG_5415 (k)_small

IMG_5429 (k)_small

IMG_5555 (k)_small