Purple Tentacles

About a week before Christmas I teamed up again with the awesome Natalie G Sundling for a photoshoot. I had just received a lovely new pair of Black Milk leggings that I was dying to shoot, and the result turned out perfect! We even took the time to make some Christmas photos ^^ By the way, I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and that your New Year’s will be just as great! But now, time for pictures 🙂

Photo & MUA: Natalie G Sundling
Latex top: Maebelle Latex
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Jewellery: The Crypt of Curiosities
Gloves: All You Need Is GL<3VES

IMG_1997 (k)

IMG_2013 (k)

IMG_2017 (k)

IMG_2031 (k)



VanyanĂ­s Giveaway – Again!

Oh yes, these darlings love their Giveaways! And this time more prizes are up for grabs, gift vouchers of $50, $100 and $150 – pretty nice Christmas presents for a corset lover, I must say ^^

What I would choose if I would win? A corset, of course ^^ My favourite VanyanĂ­s corset is the one I first laid eyes on: the Morgana. I’d have it in decadent red though, with black lace overlay ❤ Maybe not as elaborate as the original, but I’ve always wanted lace overlay on a corset and this is one of the best I’ve seen so far. I’d exchange the crystals for something a little darker too, maybe a bunch of tiny silver skulls.

portfolioimages.large.392.Vanyanis1.2 (c) Iberian Black Art 600x900
Photography © Iberian Black Arts

Isn’t it yummie and, oh, so gorgeous? Just imagine pairing that with a simple silk skirt or a pair of latex leggings ❤

If you too would like to win a voucher, just head over to www.vanyanis.net and follow the instructions 🙂


Moving Ahead of Time

Yep, I think that title says it all. My mind is currently racing like mad. There’s so many things that needs to be done before Christmas and yet I feel like I’ve hardly started with anything. Mentally I’m at the weekend before Christmas, some time between Christmas and New Years, while having my usual home exam panic in early January. I’m nowhere near where I actually AM, December 2nd, with still some time left to fix everything that needs to be done and figure out alternative plans for the things that won’t work.

I think my stress comes from the fact that I’m busy pretty much every day up until the weekend before Christmas. That’s my stop, that’s where this insane train will come to a halt and will start to enjoy the Holidays. My schedule consists of this: work at the internship, attend lectures, work on the home exams, study, shoot fun photoshoots, buy Christmas gifts, make candy, plan for food making, look for Christmas decorations and at least attempt to be creative at some other point.

Ugh, if I did an insanity check right now, the levels would be sky high it feels >_<

But hey, here’s a pretty picture at least ^^ I need to assemble all the photos from this shoot in a single post soon!

Photo: Kitty Carol
MUA: Josephine Levander makeup artist
Fascinator: Miss Overdose